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Take Back Australia … Reject Socialism

What a Mess

At a point in time where Australia should be living relatively comfortably due to the hard work and diligence of Australian Governments, we are now stuck without a paddle.

Firstly Pensioners have been underpaid pensions for years although the cost of living has been surging upwards. We have only just started seeing self funded pensioners as most of these pensioners, were in a time where the Government guaranteed their pensions for most of their working lives and they had little contributions to put into it. Those that have been contributing to super funds have been stung by the crash due to investments made by their Super fund managers. And now the Government tell them that while no-one seems able to live on a pension with anything resembling comfort, they will have to wait. Now we have the Government pretending to care while looking at bail out packages for the very industries that have caused the problem.

There definitely is something wrong here. Our Government, and lets face it they are our duly elected Government who is supposed to be acting in the best interest of Australians, are more interessted in parading and preening themselves on the international stage, and bailing out failed big business than looking after people that have paid taxes for all their lives or even many of us that continue to pay taxes. We need to make ourselves heard that we will not put up with wishy washy politics. And I am talking about any Government not just our present ALP or previous Colalition Goverment, but any Government past present or of the future. We the electorate hold the power and we the electorate need to exercise it more than just ticking a couple of boxes every few years.

We need difinitive action by Government, we need them to look at how to make the ensuing crisis easier on us and they need to lead the way by cutting back on their own expenditure as well as their massive travel budgets.

1. We need alternative power made affordable to households, saving in ongoing electricity costs and reducing coal emissions.
2. We need alternate transport measures introduced and affordable to households, cutting costs, reducing emissions and driving petrol prices down.
3. We need to regulate on service prices, ensuring fair competition and fair and affordable prices to consumers.
4. We need to stop wasting money on price watch schemes and put this money into a productive area, like supplementing pensions.

So stand up Australia, this is OUR country and they are supposed to be OUR government, lets make them listen by weight of numbers. We can’t change what is happening in the rest of the world, but we can do something constructive in Australia.


12/10/2008 - Posted by | alternative, Australia, Climate, economy, Government, pensioners, pensions, politics, solar

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