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The Failure to Act

We had a coalition Government that although were proficient at handling the economy, failed to act on improving emission levels in our country. We now have a Labor Government who are good at rhetoric, but unwilling to do anything constructive to improve these emissions.
In these uncertain financial times it is even more important for a Government to act on behalf of the Nation, and help householders to reduce there expenses. And yet a man with an almost unpronounceable surname and a thick Austrian accent, a man who was a brash, quick talking bodybuilder from a small European village and would become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, go on to marry into the prestigious Kennedy family, amass a fortune via shrewd investments and one day be the Governor of California, had the vision to take appropriate steps to address this issue rather than spend eons talking about it.
This is the bold politics we should expect from Australian politicians, instead they want to follow the European solutions, which are not needed or appropriate for conditions in Australia and the ETS is a joke. It is based on building Government coffers while forcing electricity prices to increase so that alternatives are a attractive solution. The trouble is it is increasing costs to households, which Australian households will pay more money to make the cost of transferring to alternatives more attractive. This is a strange strategy and delaying conversion possibilities for at lease 10-15yrs.
If a Government looked at this rationally, by seriously assisting households to convert to alternatives now, by embracing new technology now, and by pushing the closure of city centre’s to general traffic between 0700 & 1900, and improving public transport measures we would have the structures in place by 2030 to have significant lowering of emissions, possibly already achieving our targets, while assisting households in their daily household budgets, saving overheads for business and making schools capable of generating funding through the on selling to the grids of excess energy generated during school holiday periods.
I would envisage a sizeable commitment by the Government initially, to assist in conversion for households, however, this could be recovered through person tax over a period of time, or recovered on sale of the house, which ever comes first.
This would be a case of a Government acting proactively to improve both the climate and saving households in ongoing expenditure. The technology is available now, we need not wait until 2030, nor do we need a ETS to tackle the problems.
I do not believe we have caused the current cycle of weather we are in, but I do believe we need to clean up our planet, and embrace technology that has the ability to create electricity using the sunlight we are blessed with for free. So regardless of what you believe the solutions are the same and of benefit to all Australians. I have no financial interest in this matter and my only concern is for Australian households.
I have been pushing my views since July and no political party appears to be interested in what I have to say. I have had the pleasure of hearing some individuals using parts of my ideas as their own, but no-one is willing to take the horse by the reins, and present the full package. It is workable as is, but I can accept others ideas as valid also. I will present this to you without the belief anyone will actually read it let alone acknowledge it. But I will keep knocking on doors until someone listens and acts on behalf of the Australian public


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