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Soldiers under Fire

It seems that our military is regarded as ‘c’ class (disposable) equipment by our supposed government!!!

I never thought I would see the day when soldiers doing the job they were ordered to do would be facing criminal charges for returning fire when attacked. If these soldiers had invaded the house and shot down unarmed occupants, THEN it may have been different, but when they attacked a house where a insurgent was firing at them and they unfortunately killed a civilian (assuming it was a civilian as such) that the enemy was hiding behind, how can we do more than investigate the circumstances, to determine if a different strategy could have been more effective, not to lay charges against the soldiers.

I am against Australian soldiers being in Afghanistan, we are wasting resources, losing the lives of our fine soldiers, and now prosecuting our soldiers for following the terms of engagement over there. We also have sent these soldiers overseas without sufficient armour for protection, without sufficient bedding to stay warm at night and without sufficient backing of a gutless government when it comes to standing by our soldiers.

It is evident to anyone that Al Qaeda are happily ensconced in tribal regions of Pakistan, probably getting daily reports of the idiocy of American and Australian Defence Forces who are fighting the Taliban and losing. And cheering at each civilian death because every time we kill someone the soldiers will be investigated and morale destroyed.

Now the shame we all must feel is this is an Australian Govt, our Govt, and our soldiers are being used as political pawns, and the Government has NOT bothered to ensure the best possible equipment and supplies are delivered to them. How has this happened, simple we have allowed Socialists to rule this great country, and they can’t be bothered with the little things like looking after the little people, they have bigger fish to fry and deaths for this cause is the REAL Inconvenient Truth.


05/11/2010 - Posted by | afghanistan, army, Australian, militery, politics, soldiers, war

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