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NBN – Not blasted Needed

A 36 page summary meant 2 supposed independent Senators agree to support the NBN.
A $8 billion dollar reduction in the roll out cost is explained as a result of Telstra agreeing to NBN using their existing infrastructure, how generous of them?? Telstra is a business and aren’t about to throw away an opportunity to make money, so what has this cost us, no-one has bothered to ask?

A 36 page summary was released out of a 50 page summary, 14 pages were deemed to be Commerce in confidence, well as it is our money this should not exist. We need to know what the Government is hiding in those 14 pages?
Now they are saying we will have savings through bundling on the NBN? We have had this for years and it does not cost us 37 billion + dollars. They have also talked about other services that will use the NBN, but these use our existing services already?
We still will be required to have the Network attached to our homes and the cost of this may still be too high for many, especially when we have Broadband with speeds that are fast.
In what alternate reality do they see this as justifiable? They are rushing the roll out so we will be stuck with it and are certainly stuck with the bill that NBN Co, are relishing as they will have a Network rolled out at taxpayers expense and then they will be making money from us again through ongoing usage.


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