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Our soldiers can only get compo for one war injury

As a follow up on my previous Blog A National Disgrace – Soldiers under Fire again it appears the Government is telling our soldiers they aren’t respected in what they do for Australia’

It appears if a soldier is injured in a war zone and receives compensation for the injury, prior to be sent back into the war zone, if that soldier is shot and injured again, they won’t be compensated as they already have received it for a previous injury ????? I guess they say get shot once that was really bad luck and here is some extra for your pain and suffering but get shot again and you are obviously careless so get over it and get back to the front line???

Read the below selected paragraphs from The Australian:

SOLDIERS who suffer repeated wounds or injury on frontline service, including in Afghanistan, are being denied compensation under a government scheme.

The grouped assessment used by the Department of Veterans Affairs means that points allocated to a previous wound or injury can cancel out those for a later one. Diggers who have already been compensated for being hurt in a war zone face the prospect of being turned down if they are injured again on their return to active duty.

Lawyers for defence personnel affected by the anomaly are launching legal appeals against the government to secure payouts for them.

One veteran army sergeant, who would be identified only as Robert, was denied compensation for shoulder and elbow injuries sustained in Afghanistan when his claim was offset against an earlier one for back and knee damage.
He is mystified why the department insists on grouping the injuries under the points system introduced in 2004. (from the below article)

Diggers wounded more than once denied compo

Maybe it is because soldiers aren’t in a union, maybe because the Govt. have no understanding of the pressures of war and the feeling of being shot, but really it is because this Govt. only cares about their political profile Overseas and soldiers are disposable chattel.

We must see this change , we need to get rid of this Govt. before we see either our soldiers die at a increased rate or our soldiers start to do the unthinkable and refuse to follow orders for fear of their lives.


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