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Climate Change – is this the inconvenient Truth

Why do we keep hearing all the indignation about climate change?
Is it real or is it just a beat up to justify the position a number of scientists took with regard to Global warming, well the answer is very simple…….YES.

When they discovered the fear tactics they had been trying to force feed us on Global Warming were being scuttled by Global Cooling, they decided they best call it Climate Change…..this was a typical beat up by scientists who needed to save face due to their stand in agreeing with Global warming.

So this leaves a question does Climate Change exist?, well in 1984 they claimed it existed and…100 years prior it was said to exist…. and they were in fact right on both ocassions.

You see Climate Change has existed from the formation of our planet, and will continue through to when our planet finally implodes on the back of the noxious gases that are let off by The Greens and the Union/Labor party, for it is far more resilient than we are. It adjusts to changes in rotation of the earth and shifts in gravitational pull, it also adjusts after significant Solar flares meteor collisions with earth and our own attempts to destabilise the earths composition. And Nature adjusts along with climate change to
ensure a balance is kept, throughout the earth.


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