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So what did happen to our Democracy? – Just Grounds Community


Australia has had a lot to contend with over the years and we have embraced changes stoically, but always, with hope. For the first time in my life I am seeing that hope disappearing in the eyes of many of my fellow Aussies.

In a time when hysteria over Global warming reached a peak and their is a dramatic change in peoples perception over the true reason behind Climate Change. People have realised not only has there been NO scientific evidence of man’ involvement altering the levels Australia’s levels are infinitesimal in the overall Global Emissions around the world, and will make no difference unless the large countries made the same changes which is not happening.

So the Australian Government decided to introduce a Carbon Tax, When it was brought up before the election the government made several denial including the most succinct on by the PM. She stated “There will be NO Carbon Tax under a Government I lead” Well this was put to rest and people that believed it must be true voted for her instead of for the Coalition and these votes managed to win her a hung parliament after a dramatic swing against the ALP, and by virtue of a deal with the Greens on first preferences. She used this and promises which of course are not made public to retain the Greens support and bought the support of a few independents to secure enough seats to retain Government. We can say that is the nature of the system and accept this, knowing they have no mandate to introduce any policies outside of their election promises.

However to secure Government The PM felt she no longer needed to keep promises she made before the election and introduced a Carbon Tax. But this wasn’t all she Climate change Assembly she promised the people before the election was replaced with a “Multi-party panel for Climate change” but to go on this committee you not only had to agree with their stand on Climate Change, you needed to understand you were there to agree on a price for Carbon., and would be guided by Ross Garnaut on the price to be set

The Government is compensating most of the big polluters, after they have passed the rise in costs on to us of course, so to all households, start adding your wages up, if it is above $120000 it is YOU that receives NO compensation, while Electricity suppliers, BHP and who knows who else will receive compensation. Like every other tax this Government brings out, the mid to higher income earners get to bend over and take it again. Gillard had the cheek to say well people like me shouldn’t get it we can afford to absorb this, and fair enough she earns over $355,000 plus allowances, I think at 3x the $120,000 limit, what right does a person in her position have to say we earn enough??? She is earning about five times that of the average full-time adult salary of $67,116, as of February 2010. So enough of your pious opinion Juliar.

And if the Carbon Tax comes to pass in July, this is where our democracy fails, we will have a Government we never elected and therefore have no mandate for such an enormous change, we are suffering more financially than at any time in my lifetime, we have a Government that refuses to listen to the people, and claim we will come round to their thinking on what is really best for us?, we have a minor party who have complete control over our government, say what they like, Labor can not even hold Government unless The Greens continue to support them and vote with them, we have independents that are ignoring the majority of their own electorates, and we have a minimum of 3 years of pain before we can get rid of the Government.

Why should this occur when they never had the mandate to implement these policies, and in the Carbon Tax case lied about it even being introduced to win extra votes, which may well have been the difference in Government, and a reprieve for the pain many Australians are experiencing under this Governments policies.


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