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Forget about a Carbon Tax if you want to help the environment, my way allows for a reduction in fossil fuelled electricity, a process that allows all to participate if they feel they need to do something, will harm no one when the Climate Change science finally wakes the Government up to they can no longer fool their electorates. and is a low cost alternative.

I suggested the Govt have green loans available for people to convert to Green housing as much as possible. Now my rationale for this is simple it would help people reduce household costs, nothing to do with a Air tax. The idea is simple people convert the loan is to be repaid via a loan levy on the individual or family, and if they want to sell the home, then the loan must be paid off out of the sale price. The sale price will automatically be higher as it has these conversions in it.

This way those that want to green themselves pay for the privilege, and those that don’t aren’t slugged unfairly. It sounds too simplistic, and it is, there is a lot more to it, but it is the way a Government can do something proactive for the greens and they can have a no interest term on the loan and then a interest rate on the remainder after say 3 years of the loan.

This encourages people to repay quicker, does not cost the Government a huge amount as the monies themselves are being repaid rather than just handouts and the Government has no reason to impose great big new taxes on us.

But I emphasize, this is not about Climate Change, this is about a more cost efficient alternative for the consumer, even if it is only for a period of 6 months in the year, it is savings. If they did this to schools during school holidays etc the schools could earn money by selling back to the Grid.

As technologies change, it will not be effected by doing this, it is a win win alternative.


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