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The carbon tax compensation package Combet has released so far does not add up.

Now I will start with stating my position, and that is man ‘s contribution to Carbon Pollution is rubbish, and all science is proving the Alarmists theories have been incorrect and based on flawed data.

Governments have been rubbing their collective hands together for years over the windfall an ETS will deliver.  A chance to tax people on the air they breathe, how big a windfall is this and all justified through misrepresented data, altered data, selective data and creative accounting.  Here we have a Government that is doing more than that, they are going to tax us for the air we breathe through a Carbon Tax.  Now this Tax is supposedly aimed at the top Polluters, however, certain of these big polluters are to be compensated by the Government.  

The Government is promising no Australian will be worse off, well of course another of this Governments lies, and mirrored by Combet.  He is claiming millions of households will be generously compensated, although he won’t narrow this figure, nor will he give us the price they are putting on Carbon?  This is some of what he and the PM claimed;
“The government has already committed that every cent raised from the carbon price will be used to assist households (and) support jobs in the most affected industries, and to encourage the transition to a clean energy future,” Mr Combet will say.
“The Prime Minister has made it clear we will put households first. There will be generous assistance for households to meet costs that may be passed on by the companies that are paying for their pollution.”
Today’s compensation promise of more than 50 per cent of the carbon tax revenue being paid to households appears to largely mirror the assistance offered in Mr Rudd’s CPRS.
Let’s get this right 50% compo for certain low income people, and 50% compensation to businesses affected by the Tax??  What about other Aussies though PM?
The carbon tax compensation package announced by the Government although the details of the package aren’t finalised yet may surprise you ?, but to put it simply it does not add up.

Checking ABS data from the 2006 Census I found the following ;

In households where both parents worked fulltime out of469,392 surveyed 330,717 earned higher than $88,400leaving only 138,675 below this amount.    Even if I upgrade this amount to $104,000 that leaves 190,160 people under$104,000 compared to 279,232 earning higher that won’t receive compensation.  So who is it the Government will  compensate, either way they are the minority of Australians, the majority are those that will receive no compensation under this new fantasy tax.

There is now well over the 7,144,096 homes reported by the ABS in 2006.  Now the Government is talking about millions of households will be better off does this mean 
7 million, maybe 6 million, or even 5 million, NO? , just how many million are going to be better off Mr Combet ? 

Yes folks, it is a total farce, they announce  most people will be better off, but cannot say how many this is, well there is over 22 million people in Australia so just how many are they talking about?????

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