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Rob Oakshott Villain or Hero

Mr  Oakshott,  gave justification for his support to this Government, he said it was “not a mandate for any one government, nor was it an endorsement”.  He claimed it had been “an absolute line ball, points decision, judgement call.”   He said the independents had secured a deal with Labor to promote regional development and to hold a tax reform summit.   Labor’s position on broadband and climate change had also been important factors in his decision.

People are more unhappy than any time in recent history, we have had promises broken at monotonous regularity, and outrageous lies told to us by our PM, when is he going to stand up and be the Independent that saved this Nation?
This Government is all about wealth distribution, and the Treasurer is using a economics system that economists around Australia claim does not work.  The PM is so Far Left with her  Communist background, and the Greens Adam Bandt is a Communist that has admitted he eyed the Greens as a way to push his Far Left beliefs.   This is not the Government people want or asked for.
He gave the Government a chance to prove itself, it has well and truly failed.
This is what this Government he is allowing to continue with this business has produced:
COMMUNICATIONS Minister Stephen Conroy has been accused of presiding over disarray after his department chief failed to submit answers to a Senate committee on time.
Peter Harris was supposed to have responded to the queries by Friday.
“As the NBN project unravels, this is another example of disarray and confusion that Senator Conroy has created,” he told AAP on Friday.   The company building the $36 billion project is also being coy, following the resignation of a second senior manager within a matter of days.
Failed Policy
CHINA has delivered a $60 billion boost to the Australian economy in the past 12 months, strengthening economists’ claims that Wayne Swan is talking down the gains from the mining boom to give him an excuse for unpopular budget cuts.
Trade figures released yesterday show that over the past year, the average price received for exports soared 21 per cent as Asian, particularly Chinese, demand drove iron ore and coal prices sharply higher. In the same period, the cost of imports rose just 1.4 per cent.  “He’d expect that the world throwing money at us on this scale, which is something we haven’t seen in a century, and unemployment at 5 per cent and headed lower looks like the perfect backdrop for a budget,” Deloitte Access Economics director Chris Richardson said.
Failing Policy
JULIA Gillard will assure Japanese steelmakers and other business leaders that her push for a carbon price will not damage the viability of Australia’s coal industry.
Visiting Tokyo today, the Prime Minister has also met Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko to express Australia’s condolences about last month’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.  Speaking at the beginning of her three-day visit to Japan this morning, Ms Gillard said she would have lunch with the heads of major companies including Nippon Steel and Mitsubishi to assure them that Australia would remain a reliable supplier of coal, which has been a mainstay of the Australia-Japan export relationship for decades, as well as LNG.
The carbon debate at the moment is a bit like the story of Chicken Little. Just as Chicken Little declared that the sky was falling, we’re seeing a lot of people in the business community claiming that the introduction of a carbon price will spell disaster for Australian exports, jobs and industries.
Failed Policy
IF the plight of asylum seekers weren’t so tragic, he’d be tempted to burst into derisive laughter at the 11th hour admissions by Robert Manne that the hand-wringing Left got it woefully wrong on border protection.
There he was on the ABC’s Q&A program last week, doing his best imitation of an eminence grise rather then an obscure academic from a lesser Melbourne university.  He was asked if it was fair for the Prime Minister to keep, “pressuring a developing nation like East Timor to establish a refugee processing centre when they continuously state that they don’t want one”.  Good question. Especially to Manne, one of the chief denigrators of John Howard and the Pacific Solution which successfully slowed the flow of asylum-seeker boats to a trickle of one or two a year.
SEVERAL detainees are still on the roof of Villawood Detention Centre, where they have erected a banner asking for help as staff try to regain control of after a night of rioting.
This morning, three more protesters joined four who were already on the roof of Villawood Detention Centre, refusing to move after a night which saw nine demountable buildings destroyed by fire, and other buildings severely vandalised.  One of them vowed not to come down until he was given a visa and freedom.
Since 2008, when Rudd and Gillard decided to pander to Manne and the progressive Left by dismantling Howard’s painfully built but enormously effective border protection policies, almost 11,000 asylum seekers have arrived on more than 200 boats. As Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison says, costs have increased “seven-fold, with blowouts totalling more than $1 billion”.
Failed Policy
Pink Batts program, The federal government’s $3.7 billion roof insulation program is in crisis as electricians scramble to check almost 50,000 homes that could have “live” roofs..  $500,000 expected in Compo.  4 death’s as a result of the program.
Failed Policy
Cash for Clunkers
Failed Policy
BER, as the cost blowouts, the shonky trademanships and schools receiving buildings they did not want or require.
The Treasurer is using a economics system that economists around Australia claim can not work.  The PM is so Far Left her Communist background is really surfacing,
The Greens Adam Bandt is a Communist that has admitted he eyed the Greens as a way to push his Far Left beliefs.   Anytime anyone speaks out about Government Policy, they are berated, and a concerted effort is made to either ‘negotiate’ a settlement for silence or a prolonged attack by the Government is made to silence them.  This is not the Government that people want, nor did we ask for it.  Australian’s believe in our Democracy, we believe everyone is entitled to a say in what is happening and a fair hearing.  We believe in a fair go, but this Government has diminished this and it is in danger of being lost the longer they continue.  Every day more and more Australians are speaking up against this Government even the media are forgetting their bias somewhat and are speaking out.
Mr  Oakshott  gave the Government a chance to prove itself, and that was fair enough although they were in fact a minority, but now it has shown it has failed to deliver to the Australian people and we are suffering from this failure more every day.
HE MUST decide whether he want to continue to support them and see his name linked with the worst Government in the history of Australia, or to show Australia a man of intelligence, that now realises this Government cannot deliver on its promises to Australia, and withdraw his support.  This would make he a hero in his own electorate and to most people in Australia.  It is up to him of course, but hasn’t he given them more than enough time, and isn’t it obvious the majority of Australia is against the policies this Government is presenting.  It is up to HIM to make a difference, because come July and they hold the balance of power in the Senate, the Australian people and those in his electorate will NOT forgive the man that could have prevented the destruction of their Australian ways of life, and that man will be seen as Rob Oakshott.

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