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Take Back Australia … Reject Socialism

Minority Government

Hey guys we need to think about this, I know there has been a number of rallies lately, but if something does no happen before July, then each and every one of us will be stuck with a tax on the air we breath.
We all know the science on Climate Change tells us the Government is lying to us, we know our PM has done nothing but lie to us since seizing power. And we know that the Government is rallying her forces to stop people and businesses opposing the Carbon Tax. What we don’t know is the level of the secret deals she has made so far, to stop people opposing her. She gave her zoologist Climate Change expert a Australia Day award, and a $180,000 job, to have him babble on and quote either manipulated data or data that is not encompassing the full variables.

We deserve for it to come back to the people to vote on, in fact we deserve for a chance to vote on whether we should have a Government made up of 2 minority Government parties and who managed to grab power through LIES made to the Australian people.

So I implore you to remember All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good “people do nothing” Keep the pressure on and continue supporting the rallies with your presence, we are having an effect, and you will know you have been part of a historic time where the people are saying to the Government of the day ‘HELL NO, YOU MUST GO’


03/05/2011 - Posted by | politics

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