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Back to the Future ?

It is an agreed to point by the Government’s favourite Climate Change scientist Tim Flannery, that if CO2 levels were reduced to an acceptable level now, we might see a difference in 1000 years.

Maybe we can make some insignificant difference to the environment in 1000 years if;

  • we make ourselves poor NOW and can’t afford medicine or health checks,
  • or pay for food, or cover mortgage payments and new clothes,
  • or keep ourselves warm in winter, or even have children.

But that is fine because our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren will benefit from this maybe? However during this time earth that was hit by a meteor and our orbit has been changed, so we;

  • are living on a planet that is hotter than it has ever been,
  • our icecaps have melted and
  • large areas of the world reclaimed by the seas.

This was a catastrophic event, and people had to make a lot of changes to survive, however, the human race is an adaptive one, and so we adapted to our new environment.

What these people who live in this changed planet still just don’t understand is:

  1. why the people in the 20th Century who had a rare chance to enjoy some prosperity and enjoy their standard of living, in an unspoilt Australia,
  2. ruined their lives while paying taxes on a free substance such as the air they breathed.

As far as the people living in the year 3000 are concerned, we were the most clueless generation history has discussed, and we allowed a Government that was based on lies and a mix match of Minorities to remain in power although they were unable to deliver policies and just were a tax making Government, and so we have been politely branded the ‘Naive Era’.


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