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A special Event

A special Event

On the weekend a very special gathering occurred, no it was not a family reunion, not was it the opening of a bridge, or hospital. This gathering was far more spectacular you see over 2000 people gathered at Port Macquarie to have their say and let their local member know, they are angry the man they elected has betrayed them all. You see they voted for an Independent, who was easily turned by the Gillard Government and supports a Carbon Tax. This Independent, has listened and learnt from this PM as he freely says everyone knew he was for a Carbon Tax, but thought a ETS was the best. Well after doing research he had NEVER mentioned a Carbon Tax, although he had shown a support for an ETS, these 2 items are not one in the same and the Carbon Tax will hurt every family member in Australia, and Gillard used the ETS as her way of disposing of KRudd,. He also believed in better internet speeds for regional areas, and even though the cost to Australia far out weighed it’s usefulness he supported Gillard’s NBN, the proof of what this is like is in in it’s management.
This could have been accepted and he been forgiven had he said when the Government policies started to fall apart, and the NBN increase in cost by $20 odd billion with no realistic expectation it would fulfil it’s promise, ENOUGH I am withdrawing my support for this Government and will see us go to the next election and let the people decide what they want. This is where people saw him for who he really is, a man who prefers 17 mins of fame than representing his constituents.

There was a real level at anger for this Independent, and hence people that had never attended a rally before came out to have their voices heard and to send a message not only to their local member, but also to the Gillard Government.

Mr Oakshott was invited to attend, however he obviously was busy this day. A shame as he seemed so eager to debate Ray Hadlee of 2GB on Climate Change, he would have had an opportunity to debate any one of 3 National Party members, as well as climate change scientist. That’s just not cool man.

This event was handled expertly by CATA, and supported by several other groups together with good numbers of Port Macquarie locals. and people from Sydney, Canberra, and even a few who came down from Qld especially to add their support for this rally. As well as many centres around NSW. I would like to thank each and every person that attended this day for making it such a resounding success.


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