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This story in The Australian of 28 May 2011… claims the modern demographic means the baby boomer years have meant we have too many people retiring and not enough 15 year olds entering job market. The trouble with this is they always want a quick fix to help fudge their numbers and so this goes around and around.

Under this Government, it does not make it worthwhile for people to strive to reach the next level of pay for they know they will be far worse off with this Governments attempts to kill off the middle class through taxation, known as equalization . They want 2 Classes the Party and the workers…..hmmmm sounds like Communism doesn’t it? If people were able to afford to retire self funded we would have a far greater spread of retirees and it would not create as big an issue. The Government is now forcing 15 year olds to remain in school until later and this inflates this ratio even more. They are even going to force young mothers to abandon their 6 month old babies and return to education, this will not help us to teach youth to be more nurturing though, it will tell them they can leave their child and get on with whatever they like as, the Government has insisted the bond be broken

Skilled immigration levels were always increased or decreased depending on Australia’s needs and this should still be maintained, however, the rate we are attracting an unwanted element of people willing to enter Australia regardless of the law, we will need to increase the police force to counter the unlawful element of society thanks to a closed minded Government, unless this Government want to import these as well to increase police numbers?

I know I am sick of this Government and their need to destroy Australian society so they can continue to mould us into a Communist state. This Parliament was formed on lies, bribery and threat, and will stop at nothing to achieve their purpose They assassinated their own PM and then sent his body around, so far, 384,000 kms of the world to avoid the embarrassment. They have refused to take action on asylum seeker arrivals, with the only concession being to enter an agreement that will mean we get rid of 800 and receive 4000, they are building workforce through immigration. They have opened their arms to China and invited their military to enter Australian waters any time.

We can only speculate where this will end, but remember the PM is a self confessed Communist, at least 3 of the Greens, 1 in the Lower House and 2 in the Senate are self confessed Communists, and these people wield the most power in Australian politics, so call me paranoid, but be warned as our rights and way of life is being stripped away from under us, and they don’t care what the public are saying.


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