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Kev’s Site – A Brave New Fantasy maybe?

Kev's Site – A Brave New Fantasy maybe?

By looking at Mr Conroy’s ridiculous digital economy strategy I note the following in answer

ONE in eight Australians will be able to work from home by 2020 under an ambitious blueprint for the National Broadband Network that predicts it will save the typical family $148 a week.

If an employer is allowing you to work at home, they will not be offering the same level of pay, as you aren’t available to share meetings, interviews etc. So the saving will be diminished by the drop in pay. And maternity leave will mean you can work from home seeing as they are paying you.

It also says that by the end of the decade it will common for people to visit the GP for a standard check-up without leaving their lounge room.

This is a fantasy, would you risk a doctor diagnosing you without either sighting you or being able to do tests in the surgery?? Are you prepared for an online doctor saying you probably have a cold without checking your temperature etc? Are you happy to have a doctor look at the mole on your arm without ever seeing it and feeling it? What medical insurer would touch this scheme, NONE it is fraught with danger and to introduce it is irresponsible and will end up in patient deaths.

The Gillard Government will today release its digital economy strategy which paints a picture of how it believes the NBN will change work and family life.

Introducing a Carbon Tax will already Change our work and family life, we won’t have a job, and our whole internet experience will be monitored by the Government

The plan sets a target of lifting Australia into the world’s top five for broadband access from today’s poor ranking of 18th in the OECD.

Who cares, before this atrocious waste of money is completed, it will be obsolete. And people will find the 3G network is a better method.

It claims this will deliver a $2.4 billion gain to households through time-saving activities such as remote work and study, shopping, health, education and data activities.

I covered the remote work, remote study occurs in a few cases already,, however, it is not a solution for education. Kids study using the existing internet without issue already. We could do online shopping for almost all our needs already, and would do so if we wanted this. So basically it is around $56 billion to do what we could do now if we wanted to

A household on the average wage spending 16 hours a week on the internet is predicted to save an average $7699 a year — or $148 a week.

That is interesting, I spend $105 per month for 16 hours a day internet use and all my phone calls also, but somehow they want me to believe I will save $148 per week ???

The maths still don’t add up Mr Conroy


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