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Dart board Carbon Policy

“Three million of the lower income households will get a safety net buffer of 20 per cent more than the expected impact on them of the flow-through of the carbon price, because we understand they are the ones with the tightest budgets and most at risk,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard told the Seven Network on Monday.

We think it is very important that there is a 20 per cent buffer for those households because they don’t have a lot of room to move,” Mr Swan told Sky News. “People’s behaviour does change because relative prices change.” Ms Gillard re-iterated that nine out of 10 Australian families will see tax cuts or some other form of financial assistance to cope with high consumer prices once Labor legislates a carbon tax in 2012. She also said Labor’s carbon pricing policy would be released in a matter of weeks.

How can a Government that is spending millions of dollars to try to introduce a Carbon Tax still can’t make it add up. It claims it still has not decided on the size of the tax, the Prime Minister claimed 9 out of 10 households will be compensated to some degree covering 7,000,000 people. In 2009 12,500,000 people paid tax. So it appears we still have a minimum of 5,500,000 taxpayers that WON’T receive any compensation?

How can 7,000,000 people take up 9 out of ten households, when 5,500,000 are supposedly only residing in one of every 10 homes.

In 2009, 1,107,000 of the registered taxpayers earned $80,000+ a year therefore they would be liable for the full Carbon Tax with no compensation, however, according to what the PM stated on the Today Show they have managed to find an additional 4,393,000 people to provide no compensation for, or there has been very significant wage increases in the last 2 years, well make that 1 year to 2010 as the current year they would not have the figures for.

Yet again PM this just does not add up, especially as it is supposedly the top polluters you claim you are targetting? Maybe it is time to sack Garnaut, and Swan, and buy a dart board, the figures might at least work out then.!!


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