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There will be no Carbon Tax on Polluters under the Government I lead

The Labor Government will start spending our money to repeatedly lie to us starting on Sunday!!!

First they are introducing a tax on Carbon Dioxide and will call it Carbon Pollution, then they will not put the Carbon Tax on Fuel which the Carbon Monoxide our vehicles emit is one of the true pollutants.

The Greens want no Coal Fired electricity and instead want Wind or Solar, both of which will require electricity to firstly power the producers of solar panelling or Wind Turbines, of course for Wind Turbines they need steel, however the steel industry were being forced overseas by the threat of this Carbon Tax ?????

This prompted the Gillard Govt. to produce a MAJOR assistance package for the steel industry and bailouts for manufacturing regions being hit by the high dollar are being considered by the Gillard government as part of the carbon tax compensation package.

Listening to Penny Wrong failing to answer Barnaby Jones on Parliamentary question time, showed they are planning to tax Diesel which in cars is a far more efficient and cleaner fuel. And farming communities rely on diesel to fuel their equipment and vehicles, diesel is used on remote communities to stop the petrol sniffing problems out there, and diesel is used in backup generators and fire fighting equipment. For too long the Government’s have made this 20c per litre more expensive, which is a rip off as there is not this level of difference in the refining or supply of diesel???

So where is the argument? They keep lying to Australians and have done so since stealing Govt. through their initial lie, they are calling Greenhouse emissions pollution, where it is proven beyond doubt this is not a pollutant, they claim the TAX will target the biggest polluters, however, everyone that threatens to run a tax campaign against them, they buy off with a compensation package.

The Government stood and declared loud and clear the Carbon Tax is directed at the top 1000 polluters in Australia, this caused outrage in the industry and within the Unions that told Gillard if the Carbon Tax caused the loss of just 1 job they would withdraw their support.  I guess seeing as the Labor Party are mainly funded by the union, they do have a lot of say in policy, even though they are not a political party.  Well Gillard came back with the top 500 polluters, just a small trade off obviously to gain support, but still she could not snare the support she desires so she has compensated these businesses and low income earners and the figure of the top polluters actually will only be 400.  Therefore this Carbon Tax is aimed at only 400 businesses this government claim are some of the op polluters and the middle and high income earners in Australia, because so far these are the only people and companies that will not receive compensation under this tax.

ONE of Australia’s “dirtiest” brown coal power plants has been forced to ask the corporate regulator to overlook potential breaches of its trading licence as it comes under financial strain related to the carbon tax and debt refinancing.

The Australian can reveal that Hazelwood – targeted by green groups as the nation’s “dirtiest” coal power station – has successfully sought a “no action” letter from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission to protect it if it falls foul of its financial services licence.

As the carbon price could trigger asset write downs on power stations, depending on the compensation package, other power stations may also need to consider whether to follow Hazelwood’s move as their refinancings are renegotiated.

Sources said that similar “no action” letters were also issued in 2009 when Kevin Rudd’s carbon pollution reduction scheme was being negotiated and refinancings were falling due at the height of the global financial crisis.

This leaves middle to high taxpayers paying the Carbon Tax and obviously are the ‘new’ top polluters in the country. This may well occur as we will have a lot more of these running a hose between their muffler and the car in their garage if this keeps up.

There is the claim no jobs will be lost, but this job loss is occurring already and there is no industry to employ them except the mining industries that the Government is trying to close down.

According to · EXCLUSIVE by Simon Benson · From:The Daily Telegraph · July 06, 2011 4:54AM
PRIME Minister Julia Gillard will offer just $250 million a year to the coal industry as carbon tax compensation, in a backdown to the Greens that the coal industry warns will cost 3000 jobs on Sydney’s outskirts.

It is understood the final carbon tax package to be announced this Sunday includes a $1.275 billion compensation package for the coal mining industry. It will be paid over five years but is considerably less than the $1.55 billion offered by Kevin Rudd under the dumped carbon pollution reduction scheme.

Siobhain Ryan · From:The Australian · July 06, 2011 12:00AM writes
THE Greens have accepted a narrower carbon-pricing scheme in return for more funding for renewable energy and less compensation for coal miners.

Julia Gillard’s carbon-pricing plan — to be released on Sunday — is expected to cover fewer of the nation’s biggest polluters and less of its total emissions than Kevin Rudd had proposed in his carbon pollution reduction scheme.

But it will placate her negotiating partners in the Senate by pursuing a larger suite of climate-change measures than in 2009, even if it needs to draw down on budget contingency funds to do so.

Even the Unions are wary of this careless Governments Carbon Tax providing, THE Gillard government has been warned that union support will be withdrawn from Labor’s campaign to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions if it looks like “one job” will be lost because of the proposed carbon tax. And ACTU secretary Jeff Lawrence has placed the government on notice that unions will not accept job losses from the carbon tax, declaring he is “absolutely determined” to ensure that jobs are projected as part of the package.

A MAJOR assistance package for the steel industry and bailouts for manufacturing regions being hit by the high dollar are being considered by the Gillard government as part of the carbon tax compensation package.

We are being told this great big new tax is not going to be that bad, but as we are paying tax on something that does not exist, then it IS BAD if it is even $1/tonne, and we must not stand for it.

Also there is no cap on this tax so $1/tonne before a vote could be $100/tonne the day after it is passed through Parliament. Remember this is brought to us by ‘There will be NO Carbon Tax under any Government I lead”

We must continue the fight, in fact stronger than before because the real Government ‘The Greens’ will not leave it alone until they have ruined Australia.


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