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No Carbon Tax March – Sunday, 31 July 2011 – Hyde Park, Sydney.

No Carbon Tax March – Sunday, 31 July 2011 Hyde Park, Sydney.

Meet at 12 noon and march starts 12:30pm. Bring banners, (*and please keep them family friendly), your voices, and any loud hailers.

The time is now to act against this Toxic Tax. Don’t sit on the sidelines hoping it will go away, we need to stand and march against this insidious regime as a Nation

* Whether you are against this tax because
* Gillard lied when she said ‘There will be no Carrbon Tax under the Government I lead,
* whether it is because you don’t believe this tax is addressing reduction of emission levels
* or if you do not believe man has a part in Climate Change
* if you are against more taxing of Australians
* or if you just do not believe she has the required mandate for such reform
* or if you are a ‘dinosaur or a Denier’

Then come along, we can all stand together because we all want the same thing, The Carbon Tax dumped.

Join the growing swell of Real Australians standing up against a unfair Tax and be a part of history where Australians made it clear they will not stand for dictatorial Government and we are demanding The Carbon Tax must be trashed


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