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We’ll all be doomed said Bob Brown

We’ll all be doomed said Bob Brown,
His voice was full of scorn,
The sea will rise and we will drown
He said as he ate his corn.

The people they just stood about,
Their eyes were full of tears,
They are worried, there is no doubt,
For Bob Brown had preached for years.

Bandt said “It’s looking bad,”
The time to change is near,
I’m sitting back for I am sad,
Because Julia just shed a tear.

We need a saviour with a solution,
If not we will surely boil,
To save us we must cut pollution,
Yet people use coal & oil.

And again they sang “It’s looking bad,”
In voices that would raise a frown,
For people are really mad,
We’ll all be doomed said Bob Brown.

We need to act and create a tax,
for the people they just don’t know,
So they mustn’t relax,
For Wayne Swan has taken their dough.

The people will see & we will be free,
Of pollutants like water and air,
We know you all agree,
That we breath too much to care.

But along come a group who’d had enough,
And simply showed the crowd,
Their science is wrong, so call their bluff,
And they’ll hear the people aloud.

The people got mad, for word was out,
That they will be taxed so unfairly,
There was no doubt,
That Gillard held on just barely.

He felt the change in the breeze,
And saw the Government was failing,
He missed the point when overseas,
That the Carbon tax was ailing.

If we don’t act and Australia warms,
The country will feel like a kiln,
And we could get dangerous storms,
Or so said Christine Milne

But as the days got colder and the rains still came,
They claimed a need for reform,
A Carbon tax will put them to shame,
And make them accept and conform.

So they got a report,
From by Professor. Garnaut,
And then he gave them support,
But now he is gone to watch his money grow.

The people they finally revolted,
And Gillard support was so low,
Extremists the people were branded,
And now they will land the last blow.

And she will be doomed said Bob Brown.


25/07/2011 - Posted by | politics

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