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There is a ill wind sweeping Australia

Here are excerpts from Mike Stuchbery a teacher and Fabian Society advocate from an article he wrote dated 26 July 2011.

“I thought I’d take a little time and try to explain the great truths of the teaching profession, to demystify the figures that spend their days cooped up with your children”.

“There is a perception that many of our teachers share a form of hardcore Marxist belief, and that our goal is to indoctrinate children in that ideology towards a New World Order.
This is only partly true – a significant proportion of teachers are adherents of a much more benign Fabian socialism. We see the continual growth of government and an entrenched system of redistributing wealth to be much more preferable to a system prone to such shortages as endured throughout the history of the USSR. Rest assured that your average educational professional has no intention of lining up outside a supermarket to obtain a rationed packet of plunger coffee Instead, we seek to create the kind of towering, complex bureaucracies that will sustain us, nourish us, support our children and make us nigh impossible to remove, symbiotic in nature.
An intestinal worm metaphor is rather apt. Rather than egalitarian, sharing sorts; we are the greatest of consumers, protective of our interests”. (Spelling and punctuation corrected by me)

In his ideology he is confirming what many have concerns about, too many of the teachers in public Education in particular are far left thinkers who are using the Fabian Society doctrine of Communism by stealth. The shame here is Mr. Stuchbery has tarnished many hard working teachers who are not interested in this philosophy and are only interested in providing the best Education for our children.

When you consider that Al Gore’s book has been added to the curriculum in a number of schools, it is apparent these philosophies are stretched all the way to the hierarchy of the Education Department. So what can be done? In the first instance we need to have both Labor and Greens thrown out of Canberra, and The Coalition needs to ensure the curriculum is devoid of such blatant attempts to brainwash our children. And strict codes of conduct must be introduced to stop one sided political views and opinions being uttered by teachers.

You need to look at all this Government has done since the current PM deposed he Party leader and took control of our Government. She was unable to act too lavishly until she stole the 2010 election by means of bribery and false promises.

Almost immediately she upped the roll out of the NBN trying to get it to a point the Coalition will not be able to roll back. She pushed legislation through Parliament that opened up increased power to NBNco and weakened resistance of Telstra and Optus.

She also announced we will have a Carbon Tax, and she will have a committee to put a price on Carbon, along with spending a fortune for a report from Ross Garnaut. She employed a zoologist as her Climate Change Commissioner, and had the Greens to appease while they plotted to overcome Democracy and dictate Australia’s future.

This created such a furore from the people, that Bob Gillard produced a package that makes it appear only 500 big polluters will be hurt, although they priced Carbon at $23 with no upper limit and will compensate all low to middle income earners as well as compensating the majority of real top Australian polluters, this is done for smoke and mirrors to make people think the Carbon Tax is not that bad after all.

Although some may decide this is true the majority can no longer be lied to and will rise again and again to damn this Government for the way they are destroying the Australian way of life, the way they have damaged our economy, the Policies they have introduced without a mandate, although the voices of Australians are being heard to say, “We don’t want a Carbon Tax” and the massive debt we are being subjected to, currently this stands at $67,911,883,388. We will soon be heading the way of the US where they cannot afford to pay the interest on their debt now.

Our families fought against Communism after WW1 and WW11 as well as during the Korean conflict and Vietnam war, and yet it seems some never learnt. We cannot allow them to control our great country, we must continue to fight them as must the media, who they are predictably trying to silence, for knowledge is power and Communism does not like others having that power.

We have a Government owned monopoly of the internet being rolled out, why would we want a monopoly unless the Government can benefit by it. It will certainly allow for a efficient spy network as all Communist Parties maintain.

The Carbon Tax, will work quite efficiently at creating a wealth redistribution, as does the current taxation system, so they are quietly raising taxes for middle to high income earners until there is a small difference between Low and High income earners. They are creating more and more Public Service jobs, which is the Communist ideology of all business owned by the Party and controlled by them.

They have written into deals for the NBN clauses meaning for the Coalition to try and roll back this network they will be paying $billions in compensation to organisations such as Telstra in an attempt to push this Network through. This is regardless of many Australians not wanting a Network that costs so much, they appear far too determined to get their way on this.

Ok folks here is the rub, this is not paranoia, reading the Fabian Society policies, listening to Bob Gillard, and hearing from people like Lord Monckton and Czech President Vaclav Klaus, not only do they cry foul at the Carbon Tax Fraud philosophy, but they are both concerned with the direction this Government is leading Australia. I give a lot of stock into the Czech President as he has seen communism in his own country and knows the dangers of it occurring here.

Many of us are already doing a lot to fight this Government on the Carbon Tax, but the job is far from done and we must not just continue to act, we must encourage our family our friends and our neighbours to stand up and be heard, Australia does not want a Carbon Tax and Australia wants an election NOW.

A Irish political philosopher, Edmund Burke, said it best “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing”


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