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Why is it so

The people claimed to be leading climate scientists won’t debate in public and won’t provide their data.  What is it they are hiding?   When faced with legal requests they say they’ve “lost” the original global temperature records. Thousands of scientists are rising in protest against this scare campaign.
This is like saying the DNA evidence found at the scene of a murder proves someone is the murderer, regardless of the fact they have 100 witnesses they were somewhere else, and when challenged on the data they advise the original DNA evidence is lost.  Would you convict the man they claim is a murderer?  No neither would I .
This is what the Government expect us to do with climate Change though, they claim they have empirical evidence of man-made Climate change and that Australia’s temperatures will rise to a degree where we will not even have water for crops, and the sea will rise and flood all coastal areas. 

But the Government has never shown us this evidence that they are basing their claims on, when a freedom of information request was lodged they say they have lost the original global temperature records, and their top Climate Change scientists, of which NONE are actual climate scientists or meteorologists,  refuse a public debate and won’t show the data they are basing their opinion on.

At what point do we demand WHY? 

  • Why is the Government running a scare campaign on Climate Change, but won’t provide any data and won’t show Australians the evidence that Global Warming is occurring, or that sea levels are rising in Australia. 
  •  Why would they want us to pay a Carbon Tax based on nothing more than their word.  And let’s face it this Government has not earned any trust on whether they are telling us the truth. 
  • Why won’t they debate the facts,
  •  Why  won’t they provide the data that proves global warming is real,
  •  Why won’t they provide data to show sea levels are rising,
  • Why are they are running smear campaigns against people that have spoken against  global warming.
  • Why won’t they debate the fact CO2 is not anywhere near levels of concern they claim them to be.
  • Why do they ignore evidence from a NASA scientist, that more Greenhouse gases escape into spaces than previously thought,
  •  Why won’t they accept the proof that sea levels aren’t rising.
  • Why won’t they acknowledge that CO2 is a life accelerant and not a pollutant,
  • Why don’t they advise us that if humans were to  breath CO2 at levels of 10,000ppm it would only have a dizzying affect on a few people. 
  • Why when current levels are between 393 & 394 ppm  do they want us to pay a tax on this.
  • Why do they continue to insist the science is settled, when the science is in fact never settled.
  • Why do they continue to insist our levels of CO2  will raise the temperature by which is causing Global warming.
  • Why do they claim to have evidence the earth is warming, when they have not been able to produce it even under a Freedom of Information request.
  • Why has the Government made no move without having one or two committees first. 
  • Why does Rob Oakeshott continue to support Labor?
    could it have something to do with the 2 committees he chairs earning him almost $38,000
  • Why does Windsor continue to support Labor?
    Is it to do with his being the chair of Standing Committee on Regional Australia giving him an additional $22,560
All these Why’s should be easy to answer, these have been asked since the election, but with this Government we have either had spin, lies, misdirection or just smoke blown up our collective tailpipes.  Even if they could answer them they wouldn’t, even though they are supposed to be working for US, and not just doing whatever they want.

Let’s aim to get Real answers to our WHY’s and work together to try and force this Government to answer them and go to an election with the truth, and then we will all see what the electors really want.

Don’t forget to get to Canberra on the 16th August 2011 for a No Carbon Tax / We want an election now march and rally outside of Parliament House.


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