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Environmentally concerned or just plain Wealth Redistribution?

The Government is not interested in whether Climate Change is man-made or not, their only real intention is wealth redistribution through unjust taxing of middle and higher income earners. What they get off the now 400 businesses is just a bonus.

Australia’s population in 2009 was 21,874,900. There were 12,500,000 registered personal Income Tax earners in 2008/2009.  1,107,000 of the registered taxpayers who earned $80,000+ a year so would be liable for the full Carbon Tax with no compensation. They already paid $86,698,150,000 in taxation for this year.

This left 11,193,000 registered taxpayers who earned less than $80,000 and therefore will be given some compensation for the Carbon Tax. They paid $90,236,850,000 in tax for this year. and yet 1 Million Taxpayers will be paying compensation to 11 million lower income taxpayers.  No matter how you think, this is just wealth redistribution
These figures were collated from data available through ATO for the 2009 year.

We have on top of this the 1000 -500 –400 Top polluters in this country being taxed to the eyeball for producing Australian made products or Australian controlled services.

This has to be considered ridiculous in anyone’s language, especially when the Government continually emphasise the tax is aimed at the biggest polluters in the country, well personally,  I don’t even smoke, but I guess I am still guilty of breathing as I won’t be getting compensation.

15/08/2011 - Posted by | politics

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