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‘ CraigsList’ Thomson

In 2002 Mr Thomson, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree,  was elected to National Secretary of Health Services Union and this was rebranded to be the United Federation Union, it was around this time he is alleged to have used his Credit Card to pay for prostitutes.

THE federal Labor MP and former union boss Craig Thomson faced allegations at that time, that his union credit cards were used to pay for escort services and to withdraw more than $100,000 in cash, as well as to bankroll his election campaign for the central coast seat of Dobell.

Documents provided to the Herald showed that United Federation Union officials concluded last year that union credit cards issued to Mr Thomson – and other financial resources – were used for election campaign spending. 

These had not been disclosed under electoral law.

Mr Thomson, 44, was the union’s national secretary from 2002 to 2007 and is chairman of the House of Representatives economics committee.

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In April 2009 in was reported that Thomson’s Health Services Union credit card had been misused for election campaign spending and inappropriate use of union funds. In 2010 Thomson was reported to be suing the union executive for damages. It is further reported that he is also suing Fairfax Media for publishing the allegations. Thomson denied the allegations.

Mr Thomson gave a Central Coast Salvation Army worker a verbal “bollocking” after a fiery poker machine rally at the Mingara Recreation Club, in which he allegedly threatened to name and shame her in parliament.  His tirade was so vehement and he stood intimidatingly close to this woman, in fact so close he was spitting into her face as he raged on.  This is supposed to be a MP, however he proves he is much more of a Union thug than a advocate for the people.

He is also being accused of lying to Fair Work Australia – an allegation that could ultimately end with him being forced out of parliament.

Apparently Legal documents that have obtained by 7 News allegedly reveal Mr Thomson, the member for the NSW central coast seat of Dobell, is now being investigated for allegedly misleading Fair Work Australia.

“I think Craig Thomson has been incredibly stupid for a long time now,” political commentator, and long time ALP member Graham Richardson said.  Senior government sources have confirmed that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been informed of the development and she is still standing by Mr Thomson.

When it was discovered that Mr Thomson’s debt had left him with little choice than to declare bankruptcy the ALP paid over $90,000 to him, to stop this occurring and to keep PM Gillard in office.

“I will happily repeat that today I have full confidence in the member for Dobell,” Julia Gillard said.  This just proves this PM is more interested in retaining power than she is concerned with weeding the undesirables out of politics and especially Government.

It must be remembered John Howard kicked out at least 5 of his MP’s for rorts during his term in office, He knew that integrity was a higher force than just holding Government.

And although this view may be considered unpopular, I have to admonish Tony Abbott for his failure to make a stand in Parliament.

Had he stated if a Liberal Party MP was guilty of this he would immediately dismiss them.  It could have been a short and very powerful statement, in which he would have had the moral high ground on this issue.  Instead he refused to make comment which left the upper hand actually with Gillard for at least she had taken a position over this.


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