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A response to Rob Oakeshott

Mr Oakeshott you really have lost all touch with reality if you believe “Rob Oakeshott says he won’t be the first MP to lose a seat for doing the right thing if he’s dumped at the next federal election.”

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You WILL lose your seat but because of your betrayal of the people of Lyne, and your lies in regard to why you support this Government.  Any MP with integrity would see the damage this Government is doing and rather than protecting your income till they are booted out, you would stand up for  the people.  However, loyalty is not something you will be known for.  Why not show a little honesty and just say, well I will get paid up to the next election, so you can all suffer, because that is what is happening under this regime.  No Rob Oakeshott your name will not go down as anything but a man that betrayed the voters of Lyne and the people of Australia.



31/08/2011 - Posted by | climate change, politics

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