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Take Back Australia … Reject Socialism

Leave Anzacs alone

This is pushing an agenda rather than teaching our kids, and what is occurring we must fight.

Years 3–6 (typically from 8 to 12 years of age)


Students’ appreciation of difference and diversity will be developed through the study of cultures from other places. They will learn about cultural practices, social organisation, technology and human use of the environment. The Years 3 – 6 curriculum will allow teachers to select from a set of European and Asia-Pacific historical contexts and periods to develop these understandings.

Students will also consider significant events, people and developments that explain our way of life today. Students will learn about pioneers and inventors, national identity, heritage and democratic traditions. The curriculum will include early exploration, the development of Australia’s system of government and key events and their commemoration including Anzac Day.


Are we going to see the history of our relationship with say China mean more in history that the history of our Anzacs?  I don’t need to consider this very much, this is just a socialist agenda pushing it’s views on our kids and downplaying the spirit of our Anzacs by making it a lower form of Australia’s history ???


Again we must stand against another Gillard agenda and stand tall for what Australians actually are proud of in our history, Lest we Forget.



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