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Terms of reference

Terms of Reference

Lost and Confused Signpost

An independent panel will be appointed to inquire into and report on the following issues, while noting that media regulation is currently being considered by the Convergence Review:

a) The effectiveness of the current media codes of practice in Australia, particularly in light of technological change that is leading to the migration of print media to digital and online platforms;
b) The impact of this technological change on the business model that has supported the investment by traditional media organisations in quality journalism and the production of news, and how such activities can be supported, and diversity enhanced, in the changed media environment;
c) Ways of substantially strengthening the independence and effectiveness of the Australian Press Council, including in relation to on-line publications, and with particular reference to the handling of complaints;
d) Any related issues pertaining to the ability of the media to operate according to regulations and codes of practice, and in the public interest.

The panel will be required to provide a report to Government by 28 February 2012, while working with the Convergence Review committee to ensure that findings are able to be incorporated into the ultimate report of the Convergence Review by end March 2012.

Just an initial glance of this shows it is aimed at setting up a process that allows the Government to further regulate online activity especially when they have the NBN in place.  It seems they are instituting the Big Brother approach of George Orwell’s 1984.

When I look at term C in particular it seems at total odds with the APC own Charter and principles ?   

The Australian Press Council agreed on the following Charter in 2003 and encouraged other organisations to adopt it.
All it’s Principles are in fact at odds with what this Government is looking to change , I will just print point 2.

The press shall not be subject to government licence and government authorities should  not interfere with the content of news nor restrict access to any news source.”

This Government in it’s terms of reference of this enquiry are overstepping these boundaries.  The media must have the right to print any story unless it is known to be false, at time of publication. 

This Government has become a petulant child when it is not getting it’s way, it will yell and scream and then try to change things so that it gets it’s way, the trouble is Australian’s are forged from stronger stuff and will not allow this Government to drown out it’s words of dissent, nor allow them to alter laws to make sure they get the outcome they want., like when daddy said no their Malaysia solution.


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