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Krudd troll

You can always tell when a Government is in panic mode, they attack the Oppositions Policies, which of course are not even set in concrete yet as they ARE the Opposition???

The Media Inquiry is already doing it’s job, as ABC news shows have returned to attacking the Opposition, instead of challenging the Government on it’s tabled policies.

I read one of the Government proudly claiming they have already had 191 policies get through Parliament, however, a real interviewer would have asked if this is how the Government want to hang its head of success on?

Firstly this will have included The policy for Pink Batts, the BER, cash for clunkers, The NBN and all the legislation they changed to make sure the NBN has a Monopoly, regardless of the cost to Australia. They also included the over 15 bills associated with the CPRS, that this Government sank the previous PM on.

They Claim the Malaysian Solution is the best solution, however, the High Court disagrees with them, so they want to created laws to ignore the High Court decisions, So it would seem even if they have to go to the judiciary, they refuse to accept if it turns out they are wrong.

This Government is SOOOO far out of touch, their unions are withdrawing from them, their members have been drawing away from them, and their own MP’s are ready to jump ship, but are scared to do so.  Their Climate change argument is all about economics, and now they are claiming we will pay a Carbon Tax, and they wi8ll spend money in say India, to make their coal producers cleaner.

Yes they have admitted we can’t do anything so all the Aussie revenue will go towards Greening other countries, meanwhile China can’t wait to buy into the new Carbon market.  But this is why ALP MP’s and The Green’s and even Julia’s sexy and juicy friends, will vote for this over the top Carbon Tax.

Gillard Troll

All the talk now is about the Carbon economy.  but people are already preselected to play the markets with these Carbon Credits, including, interestingly enough India.  Who has a Carbon price of $1.00 a Carbon Tonne, compared to our $23.00 a Carbon tonne and cost of living escalating accordingly.

This is a dictatorship in crisis, it is learning we will never accept these attacks on our democracy. and we see it is created with people who use a work credit card for the most disgusting purposes, people that will abuse volunteer workers face to face, but won’t address lawful rallies. People that call hard working Australians, all sorts of names, just because we dare to stand against them, people that will blatantly lie to Australians, people that want to remove christianity from our culture, people that want to change our constitution, the same people that had a has been Englishman give the Australia Day address, that are forcing through a multi $billion NBN, although it is already a inferior service, the people that foisted Pink Batts on us wastiing $millions, but worse killing 4 people. the people that stuffed up the BER policy and paid up to 5x the regular price just to get buildings built, whether the school needed them or not. The people that liked the idea of Cash for Clunkers, and turned against their leader over the CPRS.  The same people that introduced a Carbon tax again after guaranteeing before the election, “there would be no Carbon Tax under the Government I bleed” The same Government who have broken most of their preelection policies, the same Government when faced with the fact they would not win the next election, has rushed through its Carbon Tax Legislation that the Aussie people do NOT want..

Yes this is a Government that is dead in the water, but spiteful enough to hurt Australians by introducing a tax, we will need to pay more to get rid off.  And the worse part is we are stuck with them until 2013….maybe ????


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