Kev says

Take Back Australia … Reject Socialism

Kev’s Witchlist

1. Julia run out of office.
2. A general Election.
3. NO Carbon Tax.
4. NO NBN.
5. National curriculum altered to give a balanced view on Climate Change.
6. To have a big party in each state when Labor is gone
7. Honest politicians.
8. Changes in Legislation to ensure NO Government can do this to a Nation again.
9. Changes to make sure a hung Parliament has to return to a second ballad, and not all this corrupt negotiations.
10. Parliamentary changes, where a question that is asked is replied to and no verbal abuse or other vitriol.
11. Changes to ensure all major reform, must go to an election and receive a clear mandate.
12. Parliamentary privilege to be abolished.
13. Changes so taxpayers are entitled to knowledge of deals between the Government and any other organisation.
14. The Speaker not to be a MP, but a truly Independent person.
15. Ministerial travel to be only taken when essential.
16. Business travel only, no first class travel for Ministers.
17. Accommodation to be paid at no higher than 4 * accommodation unless exceptional circumstances.  This must be decided with the Sanction of Dept of Finance.
18. Treasury to become a truly independent organisation.
19. Any election promises MUST be delivered, any not a feasibility study conducted to show the validity of the promise
and why it cannot now be delivered on: penalty = sacking decided on by 1 Senior Govt MP, 1 x Opposition MP, 1 Magistrate enlisted for the panel.
20. All enquiries given short time frames for reporting, or to request additional time.  This should not occur more than twice.
21. Laws not being able to be changed to beat a High Court decision.  Once the High Court makes a decision, any law to circumvent the decision, to be taken to the people at the following election for a mandate to change that law.
22. We the people in Australia, want to see your unequal superannuation packages  to reflect the Australian people’s packages, why should a politician get more?
23. Travel package taken away from retired politicians. The majority were voted out of office, anyway.  If this travel was for specific travel such as attending a state funeral, then the appropriate Department can arrange suitable transport and pay.  No more paying for an office and staff for retired PM’s they were well paid in office, and were generally booted out of office. Any official business they have can have a desk and relevant staff provided at that time.
24. PM’s pension should not be available after 12 months service, unless illness or death occur. Otherwise for a PM’s pension, they should be required to serve a second term in office.  This way the people have decided you are a worthy PM to receive the pension.
25. references to god, can not be removed unless a Government receives a mandate to do this.  We are largely a Christian country and it is referenced right back to our constitution.  No Government has the right to remove terms like BC and AD just because they are not themselves christians. or are cow towing to a minority.
26.Politicians need to learn to phone conference or Podcast more instead of travelling, getting meal allowance and temporary accommodation Allowance..
29. Our Defence Forces given Australian Government Support unconditionally.
30. Proper Compensation for those injured in combat.
31. Troops in Combat areas supported completely should civilians be injured, Have a internal investigation as to what happened, it should be in a debriefing, but no more having our troops having to face murder charges when they discharge the weapons in the heat of battle.
32.  MP’s should be able to be, and compulsory to be suspended pending any criminal investigation.  If found guilty the loss of entitlement to the politicians super package.
33.  Any politician kicked out of office, has no entitlement to a MP pension unless this occurs at an election
34.  Any party to fire their own PM, must take it to an election.
35.  A fair and just avenue for the Australian electorate to force a Government back to an election, when they believe the Government has broken their election promises. or is acting contrary to the majorities wishes..  This process must be transparent to stop political influence, and allow the electorate to be able to have a say freely, and allowing Democracy to work again in Australia.


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