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The Green Generation = Gen$

We need to set our youth free.  When we look around the majority of us useless extremists are people that were educated before 1980.  However, a vast majority of our more enlightened and accepting Climate Change advocates were educated from the 1980’s on. These were the Hawke Government years, and Keating Government years, where school students were force fed the Global Warming hype at school, turning a lot of them into believers, because they were taught it by schools it was factual.


This is why there is such support for man-made climate Change, not because of evidence, but because they were brainwashed into believing global warming was real, and we must fix it or we will all suffer the consequences of destroying our planet.

Personally I was educated to question science and not just accept what was said, and that is how it should be.  Science is one subject that requires questioning, for we cannot progress if we sit and accept anything that is being put before you.  And that is EXACTLY what is happening with the Climate Change alarmists, they have been programmed to accept it is occurring, and very few of this generation have been able to see through this brainwashing, and want to discover the truth for themselves, but these are the lucky ones for they would now have discovered the truth that this Gillard Government has started to close down again with our kids, in fact they have upped the ante by downplaying the role of our Anzacs in the history of Australia, by changing the National Curriculum.

This has fit perfectly with the Fabian Society’s Socialism by stealth plans, however Gillard has gone Feral and is ruining years of work through her actions, and the insistence of pushing a Carbon Tax on a society that is not prepared to accept it.  This push has in fact done the truth a big favour as people know if the Tax was just then there would be no rush to introduce it.  Why should we pay out for a Carbon Tax so the Government can pay for a Indian power plant to be transferred to clean coal.  This is not what we want or deserve that this Regime should not only make us bend over, but they will use a hammer to insert it even deeper.

We must watch what the schools are teaching our kids and make sure they are not given blind lies, but are given both sides of the argument allowing them to come to their own conclusions.  We must challenge the schools on what they are selling to our children as the children must be given a chance to come to their own conclusions, especially in cases like this where, they no longer are willing to debate the science, they just claim they are right and the science doesn’t matter.  The schools must not be allowed to force subjects on the newer generation, it is time we made sure they educate our children and challenge them to base a decision on the evidence, not just the school books or lesson plans.

The time to fight back is still now, as we can still get Gillard out of Office if we can make just one of her lot, feel they can not take the lies any longer.  A long shot maybe, but there must be some of these MP’s that realise if they go down with this ship, they will have no Life Buoys to save their careers, however, if they show their electorate,  they are working for them first and the party second, then they may just get a chance to save their career, the choice is theirs, but will they believe the evidence that is the case.  I think they are getting very close, they just have to learn from the courage of the HSU.

Keep the faith, the truth will always win out.



20/09/2011 - Posted by | Australian, Carbon Tax, Climate, Education


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