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This Government is now totally immoral, for they do not care how they implement a policy, just as long as they get one up. The Countries around the world who they have cited as moral compasses, economic guides, or have more humane Asylum seeker policies, are all folding.

The top 3 were Italy, Spain, and Germany. Spain is bankrupt, Italy is trying to stave off the serious damage the Global recession did to them, and I have been hearing Germany is getting very nervous and the size of their own debt.
The US has a $trillion dollar debt level, The UK is struggling, they printed new money the first GD and are saying they may need to do it again. If they do, they will be on razor thin ice, as we all wished the solution was that simple. IT IS NOT !!!

The reason is that printing more money doesn’t improve economic output in any way. It merely causes inflation.

Suppose an economy produces $10 million worth of goods. e.g. 1 million DVD’s at $10 each.

If the government doubled the money supply, we would still have the 1 million DVD’s but people have more money to purchase with. So now the demand for DVD’s would rise and business would increase their prices, thanks to Supply and demand.

This means the most likely scenario is that if the money supply was doubled, we would have 1 million DVD’s sold at $20. The economy is now worth $20 million rather than $10 million originally. But, the number of goods remain the same at $1 million

We can say that the increase in GDP is a money illusion. – True you have more money, but if everything is more expensive, you are not any better off.

If the government printed more money. It would create inflation.

The price of goods would rise, it would have to increase benefits and wages in line with inflation. Government spending would rise because of inflation. Borrowers would require higher interest rates to buy bonds. Printing money would not solve the problem but create the additional problems of inflation.

UK got away with this once, well sort of
Now they are considering the need to do it again, and here in lies the true danger, when to stop doing, what they shouldn’t have done at all.

Business conditions in the UK manufacturing sector deteriorated further in August. Production fell for the first time since May 2009, as new order inflows declined at the most marked pace in almost two- and-a-half years. The trend in new export business was also substantially weaker than one month ago.

On top of all the European financial issues, the US financial issues etc. is not the time to make massive reforms, we need stability to Our Government wants to hurt Australians with the highest Carbon Tax of any country. The world economy is heading towards a big recession to say the least and this Government is taking money off us when we will need it most. In fact I always disliked our involvement in the Global economy, as a special country we would be self sustainable and our prices would lower without the impact of International Markets.

Yes there is sound economic rationale for our International Trading, however, what would happen if we shut ourselves off from the Global economy. I believe we would survive as Australia should operate well without International influence on our economy, we can reduce our prices, our wages won’t keep up their horrendous rises, because they won’t need it, and our cost of living will overall begin to drop, well that is my humble opinion in regard to Australia withdrawing from the International market.

However, if we remain a part of the Global economy, let’s forget about following other countries and start doing what is truly good for Australia’s interests instead.

Of course we just discovered this Government has snuck death duties into the ATO see TR2011/D3

To paraphrase, our government is a honey badger (weasel family) that has set a sweet sticky trap deceptively called a tax free retirement income that is anything but tax free. Australians now pay tax when they contribute to super (euphemistically called concessional contributions) they pay tax on the accumulating earnings inside super for their entire working life and the real kicker when the main breadwinner dies the adult beneficiaries and spouse are slugged with an accumulation tax of 15% inside the fund plus a 16.5% in the recipients hands and the coup de grace capital gains tax where the asset has to be sold to pay for the usurious tax grab.

Basically what this tax ruling means is when you reach 60 forget about the “tax free” nonsense take your money out while you can because your government are cheating lying bastards. and why wait to retire, spend now, enjoy it while you can, plan, then make the Government look after you if you make it that far. It certainly will not make sense waiting till your 60 because this mob will rob you blind. To make matters severely worse they want payment retrospectively until 2007. This means anyone retired in this time, forget your carefully planned budget, ATO is going to come knocking for tax on money that was tax free. And then there are all those payments made to family members because their loved one never made it. 2007 remember they will come looking for their percentage of this too.

So remember these names, just because they never realised means nothing, each and every person here is personally responsible for this and many other disastrous decisions, and lies, and cover ups, and surreptitious deals and taxes since 2010.

Australian Greens  
  Bandt, Mr Adam, Member for Melbourne
Australian Labor Party  
  Adams, The Hon Dick, Member for Lyons
  Albanese, The Hon Anthony, Member for Grayndler
  Bird, Ms Sharon, Member for Cunningham
  Bowen, The Hon Chris, Member for McMahon
  Bradbury, The Hon David, Member for Lindsay
  Brodtmann, Ms Gai, Member for Canberra
  Burke, Ms Anna, Member for Chisholm
  Burke, The Hon Tony, Member for Watson
  Butler, The Hon Mark, Member for Port Adelaide
  Byrne, The Hon Anthony, Member for Holt
  Champion, Mr Nick, Member for Wakefield
  Cheeseman, Mr Darren, Member for Corangamite
  Clare, The Hon Jason, Member for Blaxland
  Collins, The Hon Julie, Member for Franklin
  Combet, The Hon Greg, Member for Charlton
  Crean, The Hon Simon, Member for Hotham
  Danby, Mr Michael, Member for Melbourne Ports
  D’Ath, Mrs Yvette, Member for Petrie
  Dreyfus, The Hon Mark, Member for Isaacs
  Elliot, The Hon Justine, Member for Richmond
  Ellis, The Hon Kate, Member for Adelaide
  Emerson, The Hon Dr Craig, Member for Rankin
  Ferguson, Mr Laurie, Member for Werriwa
  Ferguson, The Hon Martin, Member for Batman
  Fitzgibbon, The Hon Joel, Member for Hunter
  Garrett, The Hon Peter, Member for Kingsford Smith
  Georganas, Mr Steve, Member for Hindmarsh
  Gibbons, Mr Steve, Member for Bendigo
  Gillard, The Hon Julia, Member for Lalor
  Gray, The Hon Gary, Member for Brand
  Grierson, Ms Sharon, Member for Newcastle
  Griffin, The Hon Alan, Member for Bruce
  Hall, Ms Jill, Member for Shortland
  Hayes, Mr Chris, Member for Fowler
  Husic, Mr Ed, Member for Chifley
  Jenkins, Mr Harry, Member for Scullin
  Jones, Mr Stephen, Member for Throsby
  Kelly, The Hon Dr Mike, Member for Eden-Monaro
  King, The Hon Catherine, Member for Ballarat
  Leigh, Dr Andrew, Member for Fraser
  Livermore, Ms Kirsten, Member for Capricornia
  Lyons, Mr Geoff, Member for Bass
  Macklin, The Hon Jenny, Member for Jagajaga
  Marles, The Hon Richard, Member for Corio
  McClelland, The Hon Robert, Member for Barton
  Melham, Mr Daryl, Member for Banks
  Mitchell, Mr Rob, Member for McEwen
  Murphy, The Hon John, Member for Reid
  Neumann, Mr Shayne, Member for Blair
  O’Connor, The Hon Brendan, Member for Gorton
  O’Neill, Ms Deb, Member for Robertson
  Owens, Ms Julie, Member for Parramatta
  Parke, Ms Melissa, Member for Fremantle
  Perrett, Mr Graham, Member for Moreton
  Plibersek, The Hon Tanya, Member for Sydney
  Ripoll, Mr Bernie, Member for Oxley
  Rishworth, Ms Amanda, Member for Kingston
  Rowland, Ms Michelle, Member for Greenway
  Roxon, The Hon Nicola, Member for Gellibrand
  Rudd, The Hon Kevin, Member for Griffith
  Saffin, Ms Janelle, Member for Page
  Shorten, The Hon Bill, Member for Maribyrnong
  Sidebottom, Mr Sid, Member for Braddon
  Smith, The Hon Stephen, Member for Perth
  Smyth, Ms Laura, Member for La Trobe
  Snowdon, The Hon Warren, Member for Lingiari
  Swan, The Hon Wayne, Member for Lilley
  Symon, Mr Mike, Member for Deakin
  Thomson, Mr Craig, Member for Dobell
  Thomson, Mr Kelvin, Member for Wills
  Vamvakinou, Ms Maria, Member for Calwell
  Zappia, Mr Tony, Member for Makin
  Oakeshott, Mr Robert, Member for Lyne
  Wilkie, Mr Andrew, Member for Denison
  Windsor, Mr Tony, Member for New England

List of Senators by Political Party

Australian Greens|Australian Labor Party|Country Liberal Party|Democratic Labor Party|Independent|Liberal Party of Australia|The Nationals

Australian Greens

Australian Labor Party



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