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The United Nation Convention is an optional extra it seems

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Interesting to hear oxygen thieves like David Bradbury attacking opposition for insisting the offshore processing Centres are signatories of the UN Convention, and citing Iran as a signatory where it would not be safe to send asylum seekers. I am sure for a long time they bleated because Nauru was not, but then we didn’t have a drama queen as PM either. All of a sudden the very conventions and legislation they used to attack Howard, they have decided need attacking, for they can’t play god with them in place.

This Government is now immoral, for they do not care how they implement a policy, just as long as they get one up. The Countries around the world who they have cited as moral compasses, economic guides, or have more humane Asylum seeker policies, are all folding.

The top 3 were Italy, Spain, and Germany. Spain is bankrupt, Italy is trying to stave off the serious damage the Global recession did to them.   They can’t afford more Asylum seekers, but still they come.

It is said there are some 18 million Refugees in camps around the world looking for a country to take them, however, according to Greens Senator Hanson-Young,  we should just open our borders and let them all in. A very noble thought Senator and what name shall we give to Australia then?  You see Australia’s population is 22,714,062, we would soon be overtaken by refugees, and all the problems they left behind will catch up to them in this country also.  We would no longer be the lucky Country, because we can’t sustain this number of people here.

We need a solution to stop the influx.  The tried and proven method the Pacific solution worked and could work again.  Nauru is willing to sign the UNC, however, this regime yet again decided to ignore this, and go ahead with a solution from a country not using the UN Convention allowing them to keep people in cramped conditions, and subjecting transgressor’s to the cane.  They even had the gall to blame the Opposition from not agreeing to changes to the Law allowing this to occur.

I am afraid the Australian Government is like a lot of the asylum seeker boats, rudderless, minimal vision, under powered, inadequate for the purpose, and being steered by a crew who are guided only by money.


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