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Take Back Australia … Reject Socialism

I have a Dream…or maybe a Fantasy?

I don’t trust any Labor Minister and no Greens MP. I find it hard to take Independents seriously after what has happened, but I still only listen to The Coalition with a grain of salt, as I can’t agree with a lot of their ideas either? 

They want an ETS, they say they believe in Climate Change, but have answered none of my questions on why.  I want a Government that will freeze Politicians pay rises and change laws so the public can vote on whether they deserve a pay rise and at what rate at elections. 


I want a Government that stops overseas funding until Australia’s needs are met.  I want a Government that will change Legislation to ensure the public cannot have a tax reform foisted on us until they get a fully disclosed policy brought to Australians at an election to ensure they have a mandate.  I want a Government that can no longer hide behind Parliamentary Privilege with what they say.  I want a Government that will change Question time, so that a question can be raised without fanfare and is answered without just attacking the other party.  No more theatrics, time for the Public can hear a question, and have it answered, by someone who will be accountable for the answer. 

I want a Government that if they are elected must fulfil election promises or be forced to return to an election.  I want no more attacks on our Constitution.  I want references to God and Jesus, left as they are, it is a big part of a Christian society.  I want boat people returned to sender, or a UN refugee Camp, we have NO obligation to allow them to force their way in to Australia.  I want the Big Australia theory burnt until we can address the issues of Australians already here. 

I want us to withdraw from the UN, it is running to it’s own agenda, It goes on, but there is so much mess made in Australia.  And I want a Government with the courage to make changes, and once again make Australia the Great and proud Nation we once were.


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