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Dept of Climate Economy & Fiscal Efficiency

I am not sure how the rest of you feel, but I am so sick of the term ‘ËCONOMY’

Climate change Economy
Economic  Refugees
Economy of Science

It seems Economics have taken over the country, if not the world, and they have all got a largely Left Leaning group

I looked up the word economic and discovered:

  • of or relating to a household or its management;
  • relating to, or based on the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services;
  • having practical or industrial significance or uses : affecting material resources

It’s synonyms are: profitable, fat, gainful, juicy, lucrative,moneymaking, money-spinning [chiefly British], paying,remunerative

Department of Climate Economy and Fiscal Efficiency

So Climate Change Economy shows the gulf of this government’s understanding, let’s face it their expert who they paid $millions to was an economist, Ross Garnaut.  this man sold his sol to turn Climate Change into a economic fact.  My argument has always been YOU CANNOT put a price on CO2, and it is not a physical matter that can be traded or passed form one hand to another, and yet we ended up with a Carbon Tax.

The science was no longer an issue, it was all about the economics, why ?  Well because they have no science to rely on, and because an economist spent a couple of years writing the economics of Climate Change, which the Government spent $millions in selling to the public, and then ignoring the public when we said we didn’t want it.

As for economic refugees, rubbish, it is about time the countries of these people were forced to look after them instead of us forced to take them.  We are getting people coming over on boats claiming economic refugee status, and we take them although they had the money to get passage on a boat, with cell phone and a couple of useless documents, these boat people do have money on them unless they are robbed before landfall.  Not a fortune but enough for a week at least.  I know this to be, as I have met more than one boatload of asylum seekers, and was their for the search and then  interviewed them, before moving them on to detention facilities.

Economic science is not quite as it sounds, it is in fact the death of science, which they have replaced with economic rationale.  It was the only way they could say, well the numbers prove it is happening, once the scientific data revealed they were wrong.

What can we do?  We can,  no we must keep the rage alive, this regime must be cast back into the pits of hell where they belong, they are not a Government, they are a bunch of thugs,drunk with power, well I have news for them the hangover is going to be a bitch. 


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