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Gillard”s other Fella

I personally have been ignoring the US politics as I believe we need to concentrate on the Australian political mess we are in.  Gillard, has changed this in her own pathetic whining, and is now drooling after her new idol, Obama.

The contrast in Ms Gillard’s views towards the US and Europe was sharp and revealing. With the US President visiting Australia next month, she said: “I think stories of American decline are exaggerated. These predictions haven’t been true in the past, and I don’t think they’ll be proven true now. The American economy, at base, is adaptable and resilient. I believe it will work its way through this challenge.   “I believe President Obama is pursuing the right strategy. I believe he is somebody of great strength and endurance and overwhelming calm, and he will continue to work his way through.” reported by  Paul Kelly, Editor at Large, From:The Australian , October 24, 2011

The comparisons are striking when you forget the issue of sex, which isn’t hard to do, in my opinion.  Gillard, the First female PM, and has done a disservice to women in senior positions in Australia.  Obama, the First African-American President, and seems to have a disservice to his cause also.  both will cause people to consider whether voting for another female or African-American will create the same dysfunctional Government as we are seeing now.  In the US Obama was the “Ýes We Can” man, now he is the ‘Í never said when  We Can though’  man.
Gillard became infamous before this, she was the “There will not be a Carbon Tax under any Government I lead”  This statement was delivered just prior to the 2010 election and elicited the additional support she needed to form the most inadequate minority government in Australian history.  This promise was proven to be nothing more than a lie when as soon as she formed Government when she declared they will be delivering a Carbon Tax.

With her attendance at the East Asian Summit in Bali three weeks away, Ms Gillard said that under Mr Obama the US was reorientating towards the Pacific and East Asia. “The US understands this is the region being remade by economic growth,” she said. “That the US is joining the East Asian Summit is an indication of the depth of that engagement.”

She is now advocating Obama as her new religion, they want to make Australia, US, China the great new combined force of the world, which will force the world to do things their way, the fly in this ointment is Obama is wrestling with a $54 trillion debt figure which increased by $4 trillion in the last 3 years. And (Reuters) The United States will likely suffer the loss of its triple-A credit rating from another major rating agency by the end of this year due to concerns over the deficit, Bank of America Merrill Lynch forecasts.

Australia is wrestling with a $136-7 billion dollar debt and rising through failed policies, misspending of Taxpayers money, failure to look after Australian business, money throwaway, sorry, stimulus packages that were ultimately wasted instead of building on the Australian economy, creation of the worlds most expensive and obsolete computer Network / monopoly and giving money to the world to look after their people, when Australians are starving, or have not been given assistance from the last horrendous floods, caused in part by the failure of the Qld, Labor Government to plan for this type of event.

The similarities don’t stop here though, Obama’s job approval rating comes is at 41% amid sharp criticisms against the government’s economic policies over an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent. Congress has, meanwhile, blocked his legislation with the aim of increasing jobs.

Gillard’s Government approval is at 41-43% and although the reported unemployment is at 5.3% the true figure would be closer to 9% if they took into account the people that are unable to receive benefits so are looking for employment outside the official stats, and took into account the part time and casual workers they claim as employed.

Of course there is one more similarity, the people are against them and their policies and they are trying to ignore what their people want.  On top of this a name that keeps cropping up whether in the US or in Australia, whether it is Obama or Gillard that is mentioned and that friends is the TEA party.

Our colleagues in US are fighting Obama’s policies there, as we are fighting Gillard’s policies here.  It is the power of the people, and we will not miss an opportunity to take the fight to either Gillard or Obama, for they are 2 heads of the same coin.


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