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Prof. Flannery … Jack of no Trades

Prof. Tim Flannery our ‘Jack of no Trades’ is at it again, this time it would appear he has set up his donations barrel for the mining industry and Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining.

He is telling us now with his wealth of experience in the mining sector that opposition to such exploration could lead to “social dislocation” across regional Australia.

Professor Flannery said carbon-capture storage and bio-carbon storage deserved substantial investment. However, the government’s decision to exclude CCS from its $10 billion clean energy fund, created under the carbon tax legislation, was justified.


Flannery claims we must allow this mining, the mining and its products were “utterly necessary” to modern life, and predicted the Australian coal industry would enjoy robust growth for perhaps the next 25 years.

He also claimed  “I went around talking to farmers who told me tales of woe about coal-seam methane companies whose representatives were leaving gates open on their properties, leaving trenches open, knocking down fences and basically making it impossible for them to run their businesses,” he said.
“They saw the whole industry tarred, and I think that is a dangerous and damaging thing.”
Asked whether he thought virulent opposition to CSG was justified, Professor Flannery said the debate was not “necessarily about these future problems with groundwater”.

Men are from Mars, women from Venus, and it seems Flannery is from Uranus.  The issues as he has missed the point, are Farmers have had their land seized, as they are unable to use the land while the mining companies play with their abacus, the Government wrings it’s paws in anticipation of further funds, the farmer may well be left with dead land after the miners pass on, for now at least. The IMPORTANT of both underground and groundwater that may also become dead or flammable, and the discovery of carcinogenic chemical additives mean this is not a process worth exploring.

However the mighty dollar is such a magical creature that mining can become a non threatening cause of CO2 emissions, as we all know that some CO2 emissions seem to be a far greater threat to Socialist humanity than other CO2 emissions????

I am having trouble working out whether this guy is a fool, or just a name for hire, he just seems to struggle to live up to policies he is being paid to read.  Even he can’t decide if mining is the root of all evil, necessary to modern life, or because of the damage to the environment must be stopped at all cost ???  I mean isn’t that the crux of the whole argument, We must take action now or die in 25 years Prof.  Flannery ?


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