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How Australia is being turned

Senator Scott Ludlum has made us purchase $4500 of books on Marxism, anarchy and sustainable cooking. This included books titled Pornography of Power, Why Defence spending must be cut, How to Make Trouble and Influence People and of all things The Bittersweet World of Chocolate Cooking. Bob Brown charged us $660 for 220 copies of the Green’s Magazine?

Some Greens MPs have come under fire for associations with socialist or Marxist groups, particularly before they were in Parliament. In this regard it was poorly attacked by the Coalition, and not well covered by the supposed Independent Media.

Remember the PM is a known Communist, at least 3 of the Greens, 1 in the Lower House and 2 in the Senate are self confessed Communists, and these people wield the most power in Australian politics, so call me paranoid, but be warned as our rights and way of life is being stripped away from under us, and they don’t care what the public are saying.
As I will show later in the article, the Unions are riddled with Communists, and the Union members that now sit in Parliament hold a great possibility of being Communists also.


Adam Bandt in a 2 page memo written on 4 March 1995, while working as a student activist shows his political bias. He claimed in 1995 the ALP was almost as right wing as the US Democrats. He identified himself as a member of the Left Alliance. He said the parliamentary road to socialism is non existent. He called The Greens a “bourgeois” party but thought supporting them might be the most effective strategy. “Communists can’t fetishise alternative political parties, but should always make some kind of materially based assessment about the effectiveness of any given strategy come election time,” he wrote in the 1995 memo. Fetishise means to be excessively or irrationally devoted to.

When he responded to questions from The Australian Newspaper in response to this article on 28 August 2010, Mr Bandt defended the posting with.

“These comments were made on a student politics email discussion list over 15 years ago. Like many uni students, I was involved in a range of political activities, including the student union at university,” he said.
It seems this Government is formed by people who excuse getting caught out for who they really are by blaming the past, Ms Gillard, and her connection with Communism, her connection with the Socialists Forum, her forgetting she was the President of this Forum, her affair with married men, her advising Mr Rudd to abandon the ETS, her guaranteeing the community that no Govt she leads will have a Carbon Tax, Mr Rudd, and the strip club he went to, Mr Wilkie and his involvement with bastardisation at Duntroon, his involvement in making Cadets salute a picture of Adolf Hitler.

Now this may seem like a coincidence, however, let’s go through a few comparisons of Julia Gillard and Adam Bandt

Both Were Industrial lawyers
Both were partners with Slater and Gordon in Melbourne
Both were Presidents of the Australian Union of Students
Both are Communists, or hold strong Communistic beliefs
Both had a Labor staffer involved in their campaigns.
Both will do whatever it takes to achieve their purpose.

THROUGHOUT his campaign to unseat Labor from its prized electorate of Melbourne, Adam Bandt was sleeping with the enemy, his partner Claudia Perkins.

From late 2009 to 21 August 2010 polling day, Bandt’s partner, Claudia Perkins, was employed as a Labor staffer. The day on which Bandt became the lone Green in the lower house, Ms Perkins resigned her post.

Lee Rhiannon was born Lee Brown, the daughter of Bill and Freda Brown, who were long-term members of the Communist Party of Australia(CPA) and later the Soviet-loyal Socialist Party. Her parents’ membership of the CPA led to documentation of her life by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) from as early as the age of seven She joined the Socialist Party around 1973 She sat the New South Wales Higher School Certificate at Sydney Girls High School in 1969 and obtained a Bachelor of Science, majoring in botany and zoology with honours in botany, at the University of New South Wales, graduating in 1975

Freda Brown was the most recognised and respected / hated woman in Communism in Europe and Australia. Her achievements are many and she was recognised in USSR and the German Democratic Republic as well as France for her work. 

During the 1970s Rhiannon was arrested during anti-apartheid protests. In the 1980s she helped organise the “peace camp” protest outside the joint US-Australian defence facility at Pine Gap, central Australia. According to Mark Aarons, she left the Socialist Party in the early 1980s.[5] Rhiannon edited the Soviet–funded newspaper Survey from 1988 until it ceased publication in 1990. She joined the Greens in 1990

Lee Brown married Paddy O’Gorman, from whom she separated in 1987. They had three children. Following her separation, she adopted the surname “Rhiannon”, the name of a figure from Welsh mythology.

The Socialist Party is the ne Communist Party in Australia.

This is The Gillard Government and how they are treating Australia, we do not get a say in what policies they put in place, in fact they preclude anyone from committees or forums that do not agree with the approach they want. This is the greatest threat Australia has faced. We feared invasion from the sea for many years and were prepared for that, we were attacked in Darwin during WWII, we were caught out, but fought back. But we have been invaded from within Australia, Socialists who had planned and infiltrated the left in politics, who sat back and made themselves look like the Labor Party we were used to, and with effective advertising campaigns they grabbed power, however, they needed to take the top position and a plan was hatched. Rudd suffered in the polls as a result of the non support of key players and the public. This presented the opportunity and they stabbed Rudd in the back and installed Gillard as PM. One hurdle remained though only a few more months remained until the next election. Gillard talked up the popular policies and when it came to a Carbon Tax, which was a disaster politically, she lied on a few occasions ending on the eve of the election with “Let me make this quite clear….There will not be a Carbon tax under ANY Government I lead” This statement was instrumental in people voting this Government into a hung Parliament leaving a group of Individuals of no significance normally as the make or break of the Government. And now 12 moths later legislation was rushed through Parliament to enact a Carbon Tax, the same tax Australians were lied to about introducing, and the same tax the Socialist Party can see as their weapon for a Socialist takeover of Australia, using their thinking below.

Once the workers engage in mass struggle, showing themselves to be a powerful force in society, they can quickly win over the exploited middle classes who share more interests in common with them than the banks and monopolies of capitalism.

If the workers can win over other sections of society, as they did in France, and appeal to the soldiers and police on a class basis, they undermine the basis on which ruling class can mobilise against them. Without an army to fight for them, the capitalists would be forced to retreat.

With the overwhelming support of the masses, the working class could take power peacefully, like they could have in France during 1968. In fact, once people have begun to struggle, following through with socialism is really the only viable way of avoiding violence.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a reality, look at what is happening, who holds the key positions, what the taxes can do to society and then you can see we are in the fight for Australia, ….. from within our Government.

The below is the account of the Communist takeover of the Unions and then the ALP for reading or interest, it is your choice, however the facts are indisputable, the question is do you care that Communism is the driving force of the Government of Australia? 

regards Kev


The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) had been operating from the 1920s, however the Australian Labor Party (ALP) had secured the dominance in Australian politics and the CPA was never able to defeat this The Communist Party was banned at the start of World War II. When the Soviet Union joined the War, they regained much support and was allowed to resume their activities. The CPA kept growing throughout the 1940s, however, it was never a great threat.. Although the CPA was in control of a few trade unions, that strength didn’t spread to success at elections.

There were a number of strikes that affected Australian industry in the 1940s, the communists were alleged to be responsible, and after the coalminer’s strike of 1949 it was a foregone conclusion to the people..The popular view was the CPA was trying to destabilise the country.

The ‘red scare’ was fostered by the newspapers and Menzies’ Liberal Party.
Menzies attacked the CPA and Labor party with anti-communist and anti-Labor propaganda. This propaganda raised peoples perceptions about Labor’s communist connections and undermined Labor support.

Communism was one of the major factors behind the Labor defeat in 1949. Although the ALP attempted to disassociate itself from the CPA, the ALP could not escape Menzies’ propaganda. In 1949 communism was high on the election agenda as Korea was on the verge of civil war, China had become communist and Russia had exploded its first atomic bomb. Menzies successfully exploited Australia’s fears and defeated Labor.

In 1921 ALP had adopted the Fabian Society Socialisation Objective. The Labor Party, unions and other sections of the Australian community developed illusions of a socialist utopia. During the attempts to form a national union centre in the 1920s, the objective of socialism was always high on the agenda. When the ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions) was eventually established in 1927, it adopted as its objective “the socialisation of industry”. That too, was a spin off from the Russian Revolution.

Although the Communist Party of Australia was formed in 1920 with only a few hundred members and remained this way until the end of the decade. In 1929 it had about 350 members. Most of them were active in unions, but did not exercise a lot of power until the Great Depression of the 1930s. They had some influence in unions, State Trades and Labor Councils and the ACTU after it was formed in 1927. Almost half the workforce was unemployed, or employed only part-time. Union activity dropped to a low ebb during the Great depression of the 1930’s . In fact, the unions were almost impotent. With the lifting of the Depression, the Communist Party emerged as a thoroughly Stalinised organisation.

Labors disgrace

This new Stalinist Communist Party—which took over the Communist Party around 1930—constituted a formidable force inside the Australian unions. Remember, it emerged from the depression with about four thousand members. They were disciplined, fanatical, and convinced that they were the “vanguard” of the human race; that history was with them; that they were the wave of the future. A force of that size in 1934-35 would be like 8,000 to 10,000 inside Australian unions today. Communist members were committed to be active in the unions.

It was a crime to be inactive. Inactive members were purged from the Communist Party. The Communist Party boasted that 90 per cent of its members were active in unions. The whole of the left was either in the Communist Party or supported it, unlike today where you have various groups, each claiming to be the communists, and acting sometimes in competition with one another. Throughout the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s the whole of the left was either in, or sympathetic to the Communist Party.

Lenin had set down in his pamphlet Left Wing Communism, that communists must penetrate the unions by whatever means. The Australian unions provided a device from which the communists could operate. Lenin told communists that they must be prepared to—and I quote from Left Wing Communism “engage in any manoeuvre, any deceit, any illegality”. The Communist attitude to Australian unions, and unions throughout the world was that they should be turned into revolutionary instruments. Communists used to scorn activists who thought that unions were only in existence to help the members of the union gain better working conditions, and higher wages and other economic reforms. The Australian Stalinist Communist Party took Lenin’s advice to heart and Lenin’s Left Wing Communism pamphlet, became their bible.

At the end of the Second World War, the Communists had a majority of delegates at the ACTU Congress. They were in charge of most unions and their influence was felt in every union, to one degree or another. This power allowed them to exert considerable influence on the Labor Party and Australia generally. Even though union delegates to ALP conferences have to have members of the Labor Party, they usually vote in accordance with their union policy. And the policies of communist-controlled unions were dictated by Soviet policy. These policies demanded that the Western democracies be weakened so they could not effectively combat Soviet power.

Translated into Australian union terms this called for industrial disruption, the fanning of class hatreds and pressure on public opinion and governments to accept Soviet attitudes.

Through their union strength, the communists prevented Australia realising its economic potential. The Federated Ironworkers’ Association (FIA) in the 1930s and 1940s provides a classic story of Stalinist exploitation of union power and internal union repression. True enough, the Stalinists could not operate exactly as they did in countries where they had State power. They couldn’t liquidate opponents physically, although in non-communist Mexico they assassinated Leon Trotsky. But they went as far as they could, given the constraints of Australian democracy.

They could smear the character of an opponent, assault him physically, rig ballots against him, defame him, and expel him from his union. I know all about this as I was a victim of all these measures. These are not just wild allegations. I was able to prove it all in open court with the assistance of a brilliant young barrister named John Kerr, later to become the much maligned Sir John Kerr. The communists dominated the FIA so completely that its Stalinist national secretary, Thornton, boasted in print—not in a throw-away, indiscreet emotional speech, but in a written article in a communist magazine Communist Review in 1948—and I quote:

“the policy of the FIA decided in consultation with the leaders of the Communist Party.”

In other words, the members of the union did not decide the policy of the FIA, it was decided in secret consultation with the leaders of the Communist Party. The consultations must have been secret because there is no record of them. I have been through records of the Ironworkers’ Union. And no reports were ever given of them at Ironworkers’ Union meetings.

More and more Australians are refusing to join unions. One of the reasons for this is the feeling that unions are no longer required.

Also, the tradition of being a unionist is fading; fewer fathers now say to their sons and daughters, “You must join the union when you go to work.” This is the most noted in people who have come to Australia from countries where unions are weak or non-existent. And those migrants from communist countries had such bitter experiences of unions in their homelands, where unions operated as an arm of the state, that they didn’t tell their sons daughters to join unions. And many of them refused to join Australian unions.

Another important reason for the decline in union membership in recent years is that unions such as the Builders Labourers’ Federation, with their strikes, stormy picket lines and wild demonstrations, have antagonised many people who see this as thuggery. As well, the frequent strikes which hit essential services such as transport, electricity, petrol and food supplies anger most people, including unionists and potential unionists.

The misuse of union power, as well as the fading of traditional loyalty to unionism, are mostly responsible for the reduction of the number of unionists in recent years. There are other reasons—such as the growth of part-time work and the decline of the manufacturing industry.

There is a growing feeling in the community, that some unions are not interested in a strong economy or a democratic society. As well, unions are often seen as instruments of political and personal power for people such as Norm Gallagher and John Halfpenny.

Many union leaders believe that fewer and bigger unions would arrest the decline in union membership. Of course there are unions that should amalgamate, for instance the Australasian Society of Engineers, known as the ASE and the FIA. That is an amalgamation which is worthwhile. But, union amalgamations are not the answer to the problems of Australian unionism.

Even if it is possible to reduce Australia’s 330 unions down to 20 in the near future, as has been proposed by the ACTU, it would not arrest the decline in union membership. Big or small unions with bad policies have no future. Japan has thousands of unions around single enterprises. And the Japanese union movement is effective. Germany, on the other hand, has only 19. Some of these unions have more than a million members, like IG Metal. The 19 big unions in Germany are effective and the thousands of Japanese unions are effective because of their policies, not because of their size.

The unions, big or small, that will survive into the 21st century will be those that reject the doctrine of the class struggle. These will be unions that see the need for cooperation with employers, governments and the general public. Unions must have public approval as well as that of their direct membership.

Even the Occupy protests are a Socialist Party organised campaign, which makes sense when you see how they act, and how they can find the people to attend.

The Accord between the ACTU and the Federal Labor Government in the fixation of wages led many to believe that wages are cut and dried and fixed somewhere else. The Accord though there could be some argument about its beneficial effects particularly in its early years, has outlived its usefulness. The push now occurring for enterprise agreements and for more involvement of the rank and file at the enterprise level, is good for the country and good for unions.

Above all, unions of the future will not attract members if they are tied to a totalitarian foreign power, like the former Soviet Union, however while they own a Political Party they are no longer a union for the workers they are a Party that can force us, the Australian people, to change to their will, and as the Unions are Communists as proven above, and Labor is made up of Union representatives, we have a Communist Government dictating how this country will be changed.

It needs to be noted, the Ünions want to be and have been included in Government negotiations, and policy decisions, this is the wave rolling over Australia under the current Labor Government.


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  1. This is well researched and practical evaluation of history and draws worthy speculation of true Modern Government Agendas regardless of historical factions. I note the Australian Workplace Council as the final lawful persuasion of Public Relations Affairs. The question that has evaded true and worthwhile scrutiny is the Global Position of Australia. Concurrent to party philosophies left, right or other on what is a perceived as an achievable utopia, relies on the inherent New World Orders (NOW) and the advanced implementation of current Global Management Strategies (GMS). Values of Community and Class have been successfully eroded by Multiculturalism effecting forced tolerances. The issue lost within the smoke and mirrors of leadership is indeed all National Identity of Religious Values. The most prominent example in modern times is Australia boasting an Atheist Prime Minister in format of the West Minter Abbey system of constitutional politics of which is historically based on Christian Values. We as a Nation of people have no redress as a denied majority of voice and remain such until we elect a candidate who will conduct the polling required to restore a confidence in purpose of the Australian people and such recognition is again restored as a value among Community.

    Comment by Ron Emmerton | 08/12/2011 | Reply

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