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‘The Carbon Tax’ a Socialist Lie

First We were told by K Rudd we would have an ETS then Rudd dumped his ETS as he was told it was a killer for votes, then his confidante Gillard, refuses to admit she had advised him anything to do with it.  Rudd said this was untrue and suddenly Caucus minutes were leaked to media and chaired by Julia Gillard.

The caucus minutes, reported in The Australian last November, reveal a different story.

“I wish to place on record here that Lindsay Tanner and Penny Wong strongly argued to me against taking that position. Equally strong was the advice from Wayne and Julia that the emissions trading scheme had to be abandoned,” Mr Rudd said at the time.
Gillard of course is now well known as not having a truthful bone in her body, has claimed she did not make that claim, until this document was leaked.

This was then the impetus to dethrone King Kevvie and install Comrade Juliar.  She immediately after she claimed power based on a lie, back flipped and installed a Carbon Tax, barely a week after the infamous quote “There will be no Carbon Tax under the Government I lead”  I refer to this now as There will be Carbon Tax under the Government I lied for. She further claimed she has always preferred an ETS, but this will come after a Carbon Tax is operational. 

18102011 certainty

How can she have always wanted an ETS when she failed to support her PM on his ETS?  However although only 27% of the polled population wanted a Carbon Tax, she decided she knew better and pushed through ‘The Greens’ Carbon Tax and associated Legislation, after having an Economist provide the details for the Carbon Tax, Of course this ‘Expert in Climate Change’ Economist Ross Garnaut, received a 7 figure sum for this work, and has now gone into hiding. 

Many Australians, quite rightly ask for this to go to an election and receive a mandate before taxing us more again, but Gillard won’t be proved wrong and again refused this claiming she won’t be swayed.  She knew she would be defeated if it came to that.

So they tweaked the plan so people think they are getting money out of this tax, that they will get roughly $470 pa to recompense them for price increases.  In fact if you earn a combined income of $150,000 you will get $3.00pa.  Now in Sydney it is not that hard for a couple to earn this income, and so the idea people won’t be worse off is a joke, but what should scare these people, is for the first 12 months this reimbursement exists, but it only exists for the first 12 months, so when the Carbon Tax, does not hurt you too badly think about this.

After the first 12 months, it will cost you the $470 you were reimbursed plus, companies after being hurt in this period will have put up costs by at least 12% to cover costs, and some businesses that were reimbursed for that first year will now have to pay the Carbon Tax, so more businesses will be forced to increase their prices to cover costs.  This is the rub people, where some of you feel the Carbon Tax wasn’t bad after all, and Gillard says now I will have an election on the evidence, the Carbon Tax only effects big polluters. You are in the dream World created by the Socialist Spin Machine.  They will lie and cheat as proven already, to be elected, they will force an additional tax on you, and show it won’t hurt you by giving you money back, but let’s face it, if it wasn’t supposed to cost you, it would not be linked to income.  Of course it IS, it is designed to affect all of us, but not until after the next election where you will hear another promise by Julia claiming the “Carbon Tax will not cost the worker anything” UNTIL after the election that is.


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