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I watched Tony on TV when questioned over his $70,000 pay rise, he was smiling and said, If I get rid of this Government you will think I was worth it.  Sorry Tony, we will never think that way when we are being threatened with a Depression, a Carbon Tax, paying $billions to the UN, unabated boat loads of asylum seekers, no improvement in health care, Pensioners not being able to afford the rising Power costs. Many Australians struggling to cov3er their mortgages because banks do not have to pass on Reserve Bank interest rate cuts.  Food becoming a luxury item, The Constitution under attack, Local Governments making a play to be a new level of Government under the Constitution. Unions running the workplace, Unions being involved in Government negotiations with business, failed policies a matter of the norm, broken promises, Policy lies, Question time which is no more than a insult fest. The Public service being expanded at an alarming rate, and you stand there and tell us you deserve a pay rise.

If the Coalition were to be a voice for Australians, you would refuse the pay rise, until the current Financial crises is over at a minimum, then and only then will the people of Australia believe in you as a great leader.  You actually have to stand for something, have effective alternative policies, and stand toe to toe with the Government in arguing theirs and your policies, but that is not happening, it is groups around Australia that are standing up to the Government while you look at an additional $70,000 a year.


NO Mr Abbott Take Back Australia do not think you deserve the pay rise any more than we believe this Government deserves a pay rise.


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