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Climate warmest in ? years

I hate to be a doomsayer, however, Global warming is set to deliver Sydney with another wetter and cooler Summer than normal.   Of course the alarmists will claim they predicted this ?  The truth is their modelling is completely in meltdown, as we continue to not warm, we have more rain, sea levels are not rising, and someone fed the Ozone hole Prunes, which shut it up.

Well, this can’t be right, let’s see what our experts are telling us

Climate Change In Australia

In 2007 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their fourth assessment report, concluding that:

  • Warming of the climate system is unequivocal
  • Humans are very likely to be causing most of the warming that has been experienced since 1950
  • It is very likely that changes in the global climate system will continue well into the future, and that they will be larger than those seen in the recent past.

These changes have the potential to have a major impact on human and natural systems throughout the world including Australia.

no_consensus_scr (2)

The IPCC reports provide limited detail on Australian climate change, particularly when it comes to regional climate change projections. For this reason the Australian Greenhouse Office, through the Australian Climate Change Science Programme, engaged CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology to develop climate change projections for Australia.
Climate change in Australia is based upon international climate change research including conclusions from the IPCC’s fourth assessment report. It also builds on a large body of climate research that has been undertaken for the Australian region in recent years.

Climate change in Australia provides essential tools for government, industry and the community to understand the likely

With OzClim you can:

  • generate climate change scenarios in a few easy steps
  • explore climate scenarios from 2020 to 2100
  • be guided through the process of generating your own climate scenarios
  • download maps and projections data for non-commercial research

OzClim provides a simple step-by-step option to help you generate and explore climate scenarios. There are also six scenarios in the examples section for rainfall and temperature for 2030.

The advanced section is designed for the scientific research community and policy making. Choose from twenty-three climate models, eight emission scenarios and three climate sensitivities.

Want to know more?

Learn more about climate scenarios in the science section. Climate terminology is explained in the glossary provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Information on past and projected climate change at national and regional scales, along with the downloadable technical report, are available from the Climate Change in Australia website. On-line help is available throughout this website (ensure your browser is set to allow pop-ups).

magnitude of climate change in Australia and the possible impacts.


Ok so we have the CSIRO and Bureau of Met producing Climate Change Projections for Australia base on IPCC reports and data ? hmmmm…. no reason for doubt here is there?

As for their modelling it shows under moderate emissions we will be warmer than under high emissions  Well I guess the modelling is a little off, but they can fix that with a tweak or two.

Rainfall and Peer Reviews

Since 1950, most of eastern and south-western Australia has experienced substantial rainfall declines. Across New South Wales and Queensland these rainfall trends partly reflect a very wet period around the 1950s, though recent years have been unusually dry. In contrast, north-west Australia has become wetter over this period, mostly during summer.

From 1950 to 2005, extreme daily rainfall intensity and frequency has increased in north-western and central Australia and over the western tablelands of New South Wales, but decreased in the south-east and south-west and along the central east coast.

Of course they only have data for 55 years, and claim this to be proof, well even this data is flawed as they claim we are in an unusually dry period, or have decided to ignore the past 6 years due to it not agreeing with this theory.  The data the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO are basing their modelling on is data provided by the IPCC.  Therefore it is focused at a certain result rather than being a independently focused reports.  The IPCC have been lambasted recently in a Audit report that showed 5600 articles, were not peer reviewed at all, and in fact a man by the name of Jallow, who was listed as a review editor for chapter 3, has become an embarrassment to their cause.

It turned out a Co Author of Chapter 3 wrote:  “I  protest the inclusion of Bubu Pateh Jallow as Review Editor…He played no role whatsoever in our chapter. He did not attend any meetings, he did not answer email and he should NOT be listed in my view”.
His e-mail was sent to 14 IPCC personnel. We are told the IPCC is a rigorous scientific body composed of upstanding, trustworthy individuals. However, Trenberth’s efforts to ensure that the official record was, honest, just  a month later Jallow apparently signed a document in which he declared:
“As Review Editor of Chapter 3…I can confirm that all substantive expert and government review comments have been afforded appropriate consideration by the writing team in accordance with IPCC procedures.”

As one of the chapter’s leaders made it clear that Jallow,  played no role whatsoever how could Jallow possibly have known whether the rules were followed in Chapter 3 ?   Yet he was prepared to affix his signature to a statement declaring this to be the case.

This guy Jallow was Employed by the Department of Water Resources for the government of The Gambia, he was also one of the IPCC’s most senior personnel. In fact he was a vice chair of Work Group 1. when  you go to you’ll find Jallow’s name along with that of the other 29 people who belonged to the IPCC’s ruling elite.

Jallow is now an employee of the United Nations Environmental Programme – in charge of a project that is being funded by the Danish Foreign Affairs ministry.

The IPCC was always a joke but now their very premise of what they claim is shown to be the fabrication we always knew it was, 


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