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The Good, the Bad and the IPCC

Scientists have linked a dramatic fall in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere with the formation of the Antarctic ice cap, 34 million years ago.

The new findings, reported in the journal Science, show how closely carbon dioxide levels are linked to major climatic changes.
He says the new research factored in continental drift, which changed wind and ocean currents, as well as changes in the Earth’s orbit.

"Earlier temperature estimates didn’t take these into account, leading to inflated numbers showing increasing levels of carbon dioxide when in reality they were actually decreasing," says Sijp.

Antarctic glaciation occurred during a geologic period called the Eocene to Oligocene climate transition.

"It was a time of dramatic changes triggered during a cold orbital cycle when precession of the Earth’s axis and changes in its orbit aligned to make southern hemisphere summers colder," says Sijp.

"This allowed icesheets to survive year round and gradually increase in altitude as fresh snow and ice was added. As the altitude increased, the surrounding air got colder, which further aided in cooling, creating a positive feedback loop."

"At the same time continental drift … allowed the creation of the Antarctic circumpolar current which also had a significant cooling effect on Antarctica."

Sijp says the growth of ice sheets also increased the Earth’s albeo reflecting more of the Sun’s energy back into space.

"But the main driver seems to be carbon dioxide, because that dropped 40 per cent over a three million year period as the planet cooled and Antarctica’s ice sheets grew."

Now this story is interesting in the fact they claim CO2 levels dropped 40% during that period, however, they failed to tell us what these levels were and how they occurred in the first place.  To my knowledge man didn’t have much in the way of industry 34 million years ago, but I am sure the IPCC will provide evidence of this being the case.  I find this is a perfect example that CO2 levels are created and adjusted by nature.  In fact while the Artic is believed to be thawing the Antarctic is increasing in size.  This to me suggests the Earth is in a wobble in it’s orbit, meaning the North is somewhat warmer than normal and the South is somewhat cooler.  This HAS happened before and will happen again, but giving the Government $billions more in tax, will not resolve this unless they can put the Earth’s orbit back on it’s previous trajectory, which of course will only happen naturally..


A GROUP of leading scientists have warned thawing permafrost is releasing carbon more quickly than previously thought and could emit so much of the greenhouse gas it would have more than twice the impact of deforestation on the earth’s climate.

The 41 experts in permafrost – parts of the planet where the soil is permanently frozen – said current computer modelling is underestimating the rate of thaw and the release of both carbon and methane.
"Most (computer modelling) project that the extent of permafrost warming will depend on the temperature of the air above," the Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon Research Coordination Network claim in the latest edition of the respected journal Nature.
"But in reality, permafrost can warm much more quickly. If ice wedges melt, the ground can collapse, which accelerates permafrost thaw.

However this article then faces this as a decrier of their theory.

Melting icebergs release iron into the Southern Ocean and stimulate carbon-gobbling  , a new study has found.

Dr Ken Smith, from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California, and colleagues, report their findings in the journal Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography.

"The role of icebergs in removing carbon from the atmosphere may have implications for global climate models that need to be further studied," says Smith.

Now this is actually proof of the Alarmists, jumping into an alternate reality.  Permafrost melts releasing Carbon, OK, I can accept this, but what evidence this CO2 was contributed by man made sources ? 
However the benefit of this release of CO2 is it is from a micro-organism Phytoplankton that does apparently create organic compounds from carbon dioxide dissolved in the water, a process that sustains the aquatic food network.

Now I  realise the IPCC and Australian Government  doesn’t want facts to get in the way of a good story, however, I would expect them to look at the evidence and be open minded in their approach.  They are supposed to be in office to serve the Australian people, not to serve it up to us, whether we want it or not.

When we get the chance to vote, Take Back Australia, and make sure your vote does not support the Socialist Parties Minority Coalition who are presently ruining Australia while in Government.


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