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Rocket of the Week – Gillard


Well there is no more apt recipient of this award than Madam Lash herself Julia Gillard.

She steals office on the back of a lie, she manipulates KRudd until she kills him off with her as…p, she invites Chinese warships into Australian harbours, the same warships that are at present arming for conflict  She has a Pacific Solution to curb the boat arrivals, that the High Court has ruled as unlawful, she stopped calling these boat arrivals ‘illegal’ and changed it to ‘irregular’, well after 7 arrivals in 7 days Julia, this is no longer irregular ?

She is pushing ahead with an obsolete monopoly called the NBN, already costing us $50 Billion and now it is announced the price to the consumer is too low, and must be increased also ?  The town of Gunnedah have introduced their own Wifi  at a far cheaper cost than the NBN would be.  Maybe the mayor their could give her some tips?

She praises previous Labour PM’s at a Labor conference and failed to mention the PM she assassinated, KRudd, when she was 2IC.  She has introduced a pay rise to politicians, giving herself a windfall of $90,000 extra and  making her the highest paid PM in the world.

Against the majority of Australians wishes and against her own election promise to Australians, she introduced a Carbon Tax, at the highest pricing in the world, however the rest of the world have pulled away from this and hence the Carbon Trading scheme is in a state of disrepair before it even starts.  And still she pushes ahead with it.  She stands behind Ministers who are being investigated for major Fraud by their previous Union they were running.  He is presently in hiding from the public eye. 


She recently embarrassed all Australians for her schoolgirl gushing over President Obama recently, and after this it was announced the US presence in Australia was being increased and our Asian connections started bristling from the news.

And she has committed $billions to the UN, in particular the IPCC who have been near mortally damaged by a recent audit  of their practices.  She is still wanting the budget in surplus by 2013, this is only possible by further causing financial pain to Australians, and does not address the Australian National debt, now Based on the data supplied by Federal and State (incl.Territories) Government, this debt is currently slated to hit in excess of $273 billion by 30th of June 2012, the country’s biggest debt in history, with some experts predicting it closer to $400 billion.

The list grows longer everyday, as I assume does her nose.

If ever a person deserved this award this PM does, she and her Government will be forever remembered as the worst Government Australia has ever had.

We must Take Back Australia and make sure we vote for NO Socialist Parties at the next election


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