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Gillard’s gift to Australia

Aaaah the Carbon Tax, the sound that caresses the ears like Muhammad Ali (or as I will always remember him Cassius Clay), punches by the second round.

We hear that while we have no trading partners for Carbon Trading, and most major polluter countries have discarded a Carbon Trading scheme of any sort, our wonderful, melodical PM is sticking it up us anyway. Her whole premise supporting it’s introduction didn’t swim, in fact it sank dramatically, but she has a vision, albeit of Bob Brown supporting her Government, and so she won’t back down, and when Lee Rhiannon offered mouth to mouth, the Carbon Tax jumped back in the water to finish itself off.

But no one will be hurt by this new tax, and remember this is a Gillard promise, so you know you can trust it, well trust it being a lie. Electricity prices have been going up even before the Tax has started, The Councils are going to charge a surcharge of around 4-5% to cover the Carbon Tax. The NBN will similarly increase it’s prices, but they will hide that for a while now.

Of course with prices continually increasing, more people rely on Credit, however, of course they can’t afford this, and the banks have failed to pass rates cuts onto credit customers, and the Government will do nothing to help put pressure on them, why. because it serves their purpose to have people financially disadvantaged, it is a part of the wealth redistribution ethos of Socialism.

And of course fuel prices will increase, the Government is not YET putting a separate tax on fuel, however, not only will unleaded go up, diesel and LPG will rise also. You see diesel is a fairly clean fuel now and the distances you reach on diesel means less fuel is required, but even if the Carbon Tax doesn’t push the prices too high, many may move to this as a more economical fuel, which it is. The problem with this falls under the banner of supply and demand If more people want it the distributers can make them pay more for it, and this same scenario applies to LPG, a far cheaper price to purchase, but should you do so, you will notice more and more cars with LPG causing a high demand for LPG and driving the price of this up also.

So how is your compensation looking already? Still have a few dollars, well don’t go shopping, go to hospital, go on buses, go on trains, or turn on TV, radio, use your HWS, use a fan, or Aircon, turn on lights, use a pool, go to the beach, or anything you can imagine, for their prices will have increased on all transport, including trains even though the one you use is electric.

Still reckon you have a bit of change left? Have I forgotten anything, of course I have neglected to ask, do you have a partner, what about children, pets?. Do any of you play sports? Have you adjusted your super to prepare for the higher cost of living?

All of these WILL be increased as a result of the Carbon Tax. There are no free rides, we will all be paying, and the ridiculous claims of compo will not help you. It will reduce the impact for some in the first year, but come the second year you will have no assistance, the full cost will not only hit like a ton of bricks, it will be higher still as everyone realises no one is stopping the price gouging.

And what was the PM’s reaction to all this, firstly she makes sure she gets a minimum $90,000 pay rise, and all politicians get this much needed assistance to help them with the Carbon Tax. Then she invites Chinese Warships into our ports, and to top it off, she throws herself at the President of US, she gushed after him for days, until he announced increasing US Military Personnel in Darwin and causing a ripple of discomfort among our neighbours including China increasing the armed capabilities of their warships, as they prepare for conflict? These are the same warships that have been told they are welcome to visit our Ports anytime.

Then as a final act of stupidity she announces she will be trading uranium with India, and they promised her they wouldn’t use it for nuclear warfare. Well of course that was good enough for her. Conflict is a good friend of Socialists and for the extremists like the PM conflict is exactly what she wants.

Let’s Take Back Australia, and make sure people hear the full truth to ensure we say NO to all Socialist Parties and make the next election a win for ALL Australians.


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