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Take Back Australia … Reject Socialism

Government Standards

How can a country that used to be so full of pride, hope and ambition for the future become so dejected in just 4 years?.

This is easy the Socialists that have swept into power are making policies based on their beliefs and not on what is best for Australia, and what is the answer, we have to wait another 2 years for an election to finally Take Back Australia from the Socialist tentacles that are suffocating us.

If ….no, I will continue to say WHEN we speak out against them they silence us in every way possible, they have stifled media content, they have taken control of Government Departments, and they have used the National Curriculum to try and brainwash the next generation into believing the alarmist ranting of the Left on Climate Change, when the science like ‘Sodom an Gomorra’ are falling down around them. 2GB was attacked for daring to speak against them stating “The ACMA has found that the licensee of 2GB breached the Commercial Radio Code of Practice and Guidelines 2010 (the code) requirement that material broadcast must not offend generally accepted standards of decency”. Now I didn’t like the quiz personally, however, where most places would have been directed to pull it and issue an apology end of matter, this was not enough because it was 2GB, a right leaning radio station.

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  1. Totally agree. Australia is becoming more communist every day under this God dammed watermelon government…. green on the outside and very red on the inside!

    Comment by Keep communism out of Australia | 13/12/2011 | Reply

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