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Labor the workers Party – is it now a Myth

The below is from ALP own website

Democracy and freedom

Labor values the freedom of all people to hold whatever beliefs they choose while respecting those of others, and the freedom to express those beliefs without fear or favour.


Labor is committed to the essential democratic principle that every person should have the right to a say, directly or indirectly, in the decisions that affect his or her life. We are committed to advancing new ways of governing that foster democratic participation including:

  • Democratic participation in the choice of governments.
  • The promotion of new technologies that foster community involvement in decision making and public debate.
  • The opportunity for representation in the workplace.
  • The opportunity for a voice in planning, the environment, the delivery of public services and other aspects of community life.

A few dozen, largely middle-aged, protesters rudely interrupted parliament with their chant of "no mandate, democracy is dead". From the floor of the chamber, Parliamentary Secretary and Member for Eden-Monaro, Mike Kelly, tweeted: "Couldn’t quite hear, thought it might have been something about dental plates and brain dead."

One of the nation’s most senior union officials, Australian Workers Union National Secretary Paul Howes, also took to Twitter. "And yes Tony this is [what happens] when you start whipping up extremists and giving them a platform. A people’s revolt often attracts revolting people."

This vignette highlights crucial undercurrents in our national political debate. In denouncing a "lack of civility" the Left seems more intent on silencing criticism by denouncing its detractors as extreme and/or ignorant. In doing so it denigrates and fails to listen to the mainstream. This will only compound its political dilemma.

We saw this six months ago when a few ugly placards at an anti-carbon tax rally had Labor MPs and their fellow travellers denounce the protesters as extremists. Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said that for Tony Abbott to associate himself with the protesters was "unbefitting" of a political leader.

This is breathtaking hypocrisy. It is based on deliberate amnesia about the vicious and sometimes physical protests against the Howard government over Iraq, David Hicks and IR reforms.

In 1996, hundreds of protesters angry at the Howard government’s budget cuts, indigenous policies and IR changes stormed Parliament House. They smashed glass doors, broke windows, wrestled police and security guards, ransacked the souvenir shop, caused injuries and hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, leading to arrests and prosecutions.

The protest was arranged by the ACTU and then president, and later Labor MP, Jennie George, told journalists on the scene that she regretted "anything that occurred but I certainly don’t bear the responsibility for it". Looking on was her colleague Greg Combet.

Opposition Leader Kim Beazley also addressed a rally before the violence unfolded. "It said it would govern for all of us," he said of the Howard government, "but it hates workers, it hates students, it hates Aboriginal people, it hates women who want to be in the workforce." Given what transpired, it might have been better to quote Martin Luther King Jnr: "hate begets hate".

This is all recent history. Many Australians remember these events. They also would recall Greens Leader Bob Brown addressing that 1996 rally, or being removed from the House of Representatives for heckling US President George Bush. They notice a lack of condemnation of the "occupy" anti-capitalism protest movement. So it is a bit rich for Labor and Greens MPs to denigrate comparatively well-behaved protesters who complain about the carbon tax.

The extremism charge is now a persistent Left attack against conservatives as is the denigrating term ‘deniers’, however, it is showing this government for what they are a bullying, union driven Socialist regime that is aware it will lose Government based on policies they have rammed down our …… throats, but instead of this being an issue, they have designed a pay rise and changes to Parliamentary super, that gives them a windfall when they are driven out of Parliament.  They also seem intent on hurting the average Australian during hard times, rather than trying to reduce the pain.

This they have done by introducing a Carbon Tax in isolation of the rest of world.  raising our National debt to record levels and currently $140,796,315,584.00.

How many of the top 7 emitters have a Carbon Tax?  Answer = 2

Europe where the ETS faces criticism for failing to reduce carbon emissions in some cases, failing to spur non-EU countries to adopt cap-and-trade systems, and encouraging fraud and profiteering.
India who has a Carbon price of $1.07/tonne and  India have said they will reduce their "emissions intensity" (carbon emissions per unit of GDP), as opposed to an absolute reduction in emissions.

And then if anyone is still uncertain of how out of touch this Government is to the average Australian, it has raised Politicians pays by at least 31% where as the public sector has been given a 3% pay rise.  So much for a workers party, it is understandable why there is a number of people leaving the Labor Party as they no longer represent the core values they have always had.

Take Back Australia at the next election and vote against any Socialist Parties, who are intent on destroying our Australian way of life.


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