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Rocket of the Week – Remuneration Tribunal

Pollies Pay

The Rocket this week has to be shared among 3 people

Mr John Conde AO – President – appointed on 19 June 2008 as Member and President for five years from 25 June 2008. Mr Conde was originally appointed as a member of the Remuneration Tribunal on 18 June 1998. Mr Conde is the Chairman of Ausgrid (formally EnergyAustralia). He is also Chairman of Bupa Australia Health Pty Ltd, Chairman of Whitehaven Coal Limited

Mr John B Prescott AC – appointed from 25 February 2010 for five years. Mr Prescott is Chairman of QR National Limited and a Director of Newmont Mining Corporation.

Ms Jillian Segal AM – appointed from 12 April 2010 for 5 years. Ms Segal is a Director of the National Australia Bank Limited, a Director of ASX Ltd and Deputy Chancellor of the University of New South Wales. Ms Segal is also Chairman of the General Sir John Monash Foundation and a Director of the Garvan Institute for Medical Research. Formerly, she was President of the Administrative Review Council and Deputy Chair of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

What do we have, people on the boards of electrical, coal, mining, Coal freight transport(claim their performance and future growth are linked to the key demand drivers of the Australian resources sector. As a result, we are well placed to benefit from the expected growth in demand for coal and iron ore, particularly from emerging Asian economies, including China and India. And banking, Investments including The ASX group who on 13 December 2011 stated it is particularly encouraged by Wayne Swans commitment to work with Industry to develop a deep and liquid retail corporate bond market in Australia, for which ASX has a interest in. and  also on board with ASIC.

These 3 people were responsible for giving our politicians a minimum of 31% pay rise and a reason they gave was there would be no more taxpayer funded travel within Australia for retired politicians, the controversial "life gold pass", first introduced in 1918, would be abolished prospectively. Existing holders will be limited to 10 trips a year instead of 25.

These 3 individuals have other boards they are responsible for and when we look at what their boards are responsible for you have to question their independence in this matter of keeping politicians on side..

This is a matter of cutting our Rorts and then paying politicians for the loss of these rorts….that is not cool

The president of the Remuneration Tribunal, John Conde says it needs to be enough to attract "people of capacity" but notes a consultant’s report recommended more.  Who was the consultant ? 
John Conde said:  You’ll find in his report a range of 185,000 to 250,000; so we’ve chosen the bottom of the range.

The thing is Mr Conde, you didn’t have to accept this as a figure to work with 185,000 is still outlandish for a base salary

John Conde said: There is never a right time for this; there has to be a time and it’s been a long time coming and we’ve concluded our work and this is our conclusion.

His speech sounds like Gillard when talking about the policies she has rammed down our throats also.

The Resources Minister Martin Ferguson’s declared he doesn’t need a pay rise, I actually think my ministerial salary’s pretty good to be honest with you.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon said it’s a bit rich to demand public servants tighten their belts while politicians unbuckle theirs, as does Greens leader Bob Brown.

The tribunal’s report also found that the pay rise was justified by the advent of email and social networking. "Email, Facebook, Twitter and the like have increased community expectations on members as regards their availability to their constituents," it said. "It is not only the case that it is now easier to contact a local member – the expectation of a speedy response has also increased dramatically. "As some members at interview noted, this means that they are now never off duty."

To a large extent social media is the effect of increasing a MP’s profile in the electorate. But never off duty?   What a load of rubbish.  They have staff working their FaceBook and Twitter at times. this is not a big workload. And anything with an Off button means you can be off duty, so this is a crock.  and they have the same disdain for us Gillard has shown in assuming we are too ignorant to understand.

Read more:

The Special Minister of State Gary Gray won’t say what he thinks about the pay hike, but agrees tax-free perks have had their day.  As this is his area of responsibility, he would have had his own input into this process no matter what is said and any decision made.

Departmental Secretaries have received a minimum payrise of 31% and yet the Public Services were only granted a 3% payrise, by this Tribunal, which did not even match the average of 4.1% for the Private Sector.  So for these Senior staff they warranted a 10 times larger wage rise than their staff that do all the work in the Departments.

This is the face of this Socialist Government, it happily grabs the money off all of us, and redistributes that wealth among themselves, They have no right to call themselves a grassroots community organisation, Party members are the core of the Labor Party. Party members and local branches play a central role in innovative policy development and passionately working in the community to spread labor values. for it is now rightly proven that this ALP is only in this for what they can get out of it. 

Thus. Mr Conde, Mr Prescott and Ms Segal you are now seen as a Tribunal that would be easily influenced with your links to companies that rely on Government co operation, especially with the introduction of a Carbon Tax. and deserve this week’s Rocket for your disservice to all Australians,


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