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The Ghost of Christmas Presents

To start with we no longer have our Christmas Parade, where Santa arrives in Sydney.  This was the great expectant event that always announced Christmas was here, and the stores were decorated,  This sadly is no more, partly as some Grinches thought it inappropriate and partly because stores weren’t making the profit their shareholders demand.


However, why isn’t the Councils picking this up and running with it on behalf of all shopping centres, stores and the people of their Shire?  They already waste a large amount on fireworks each year, so it isn’t about the celebrations.  This why is simple many of our Councils are being run by the minorities, and instead of Christmas we have to say things like Happy Holidays, and we have whined but capitulated, instead of fighting back. 

I went shopping only yesterday and thought, it doesn’t feel like Christmas, so I took stock of what was wrong.  Our shops had very little Christmas decorations, whereas not all that long ago it was a wonderland for children.  But even worse, I realised no one played the Christmas songs anymore, all the feel-good songs that used to be played throughout the stores and shopping centres, where people started singing at least to themselves, and they found themselves smiling at everyone that passed and all the shop assistant’s who they encountered.  It gave you a sense of euphoria just to walk down the street and past the shops with the lovely music and songs, and the decorations were outstanding.

This sadly has disappeared along with the wonderful words of Merry Christmas at this time of year and why the Christmas spirit is dying in Australia.  I could blame the Government, I could blame the Grinches, I could blame multiculturalism,  but the shocking truth is who is really to blame, is You and Me and Everyone that complains to ourselves, yet does not fight for what we believe in and have watched the things we love being stripped out from underneath us for years.  Next it is the Councils, that react to the minorities in their area and because we the majority have not complained, they make decisions that strip us of our identity, and Christmas is as much a part of Australia, as Australia Day, for it is a part of our giving nature and Christmas is far from just a religious holiday now, it is a conduit for the outpouring of emotion and friendship, that makes people just naturally feel closer to the people that pass by.

It is time to Take Back Australia, and force the change that makes it ok, to say Merry Christmas, to play Christmas songs, to decorate brightly and to say this matters to Australians.


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  1. Got a few errors in your post mate. I would appreciate comments on my response:
    1. There is a Christmas Parade held the same time every year in Sydney. Maybe, you missed this years so go next year
    2. I am confused. You dont want socialism but you want Councils to take over a function that private enterprise has run for over a century.
    3. You don’t want more government control but you want someone to force us all to say Merry Christmas. Why not make us all say Happy Christmas Comrade?
    4. Not sure where you are shopping but Melbourne is full of lights, banners, and Santas all over the place. The Myer Christmas window are an important part of the culture there. David Jones in Sydney are
    5 I have never heard anyone in Australia demand we say Happy Holidays. When did someone ask you not to say Happy Christmas to them? They do say Happy Holidays in the USA because of the large Jewish population and that spans many, many years
    6. You may also be shocked to know that according to consumer research the % of people in Australia who celebrate Christmas continues to rise. It was 93% in the last survey I saw. We know the Jehovahs Witnesses and the Exclusive Bretheren and Seventh Day Adventists are three minorities in Australia who have never celebrated Christmas. They are not Muslims!

    Comment by MJ | 13/12/2012 | Reply

    • Cheers MJ
      1. I obviously missed the parade because of the lack of advertising. When it was cancelled a couple of years back. I have assumed this was permanent

      2. This is answered between 1 and 3.

      3. I never said you MUST say Merry Christmas, I am saying we should not be forced NOT to say Merry Christmas, not to allow school kids to sing Christmas songs, and not bow to minorities in Australia. Because I am not in the Union Movement or it’s political arm the ALP I would never use the term comrade, however the actions of the Far Left on PC Christmas and religion is a area of concern for us all.

      4. I do not shop in Melbourne, however good for them if they are continuing the tradition. In Sydney, the vast majority of people do not shop in the City, but DJ’s are in all major shopping Centres, and apart from a few decorations I didn’t hear the Christmas song being played at all. You are grasping by trying to make One shop the spirit of Christmas.

      5. Happy Holidays is forced on Public Servants and Shop Assistants everywhere, it has also been taught in schools in case they upset some groups.

      6. Muslims by their very teaching could not celebrate Christmas for it would be seen as celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, who was the very man that Muhammad copied from in having himself declared a prophet, before aligning himself with the armies to take over the lands by force. They certainly do not celebrate Christmas. Exclusive Brethren are too secret to know what they are up to and should be considered a cult rather than a religion, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Shinto, Shamanic, even though you missed the Church of Scientology in this group, and also Zoroastrianism; Druidism and many more.

      You have looked for argument in my article, rather than comment on it, however, I will answer with fact, not fiction. I do appreciate the clarification of the Christmas Parade in Sydney, although you do seem to have forgotten the 2010 cancellation of the Parade.

      Comment by khicks1101 | 15/12/2012 | Reply

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