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The biggest problem with Political Jokes in Australia, is we are now electing them to Government.

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Nu Clear skies ahead

Julia Gillard has suddenly decided to sell Uranium to the Indians on a handshake they won’t use it to create nuclear weapons. Does the promise, ”There will be no Carbon Tax under the Government I lead” ring a bell Julia ?1977 – Australian Labor Party adopted policy of moratorium on uranium mining.  While this was watered down in 1982 – to a “one mine” policy, and in 1983-84 to a “3 mine”  –  the ALP still opposed any new mining.Now they want to export Uranium to India – not a signatory to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. There is no resolve to the dumping of Nuclear waste, and since 1977 the ALP have been backpedalling on this issue at a massive rate, since they discovered how much money was in it.India is said to already be a Nuclear power and in 1998 I think it was, they and Pakistan tested their nuclear weapons. India’s Air Force is capable of carrying Nuclear armament, their Navy is capable of carrying and deploying Nuclear armament and therefore I would not risk trusting this country with more Uranium unless they sign the treaty and are subject to examination.I recognise this has been a Coalition position also, however the same argument applies, when they are returned to Government.What this shows though is an ALP leader who is out of touch with her own Party even, she wants to do some deal with India, most likely on the Carbon Tax issues, and will sacrifice anything to get it across the line.

via Nu Clear skies ahead.

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Leave Anzacs alone

This is pushing an agenda rather than teaching our kids, and what is occurring we must fight.

Years 3–6 (typically from 8 to 12 years of age)


Students’ appreciation of difference and diversity will be developed through the study of cultures from other places. They will learn about cultural practices, social organisation, technology and human use of the environment. The Years 3 – 6 curriculum will allow teachers to select from a set of European and Asia-Pacific historical contexts and periods to develop these understandings.

Students will also consider significant events, people and developments that explain our way of life today. Students will learn about pioneers and inventors, national identity, heritage and democratic traditions. The curriculum will include early exploration, the development of Australia’s system of government and key events and their commemoration including Anzac Day.


Are we going to see the history of our relationship with say China mean more in history that the history of our Anzacs?  I don’t need to consider this very much, this is just a socialist agenda pushing it’s views on our kids and downplaying the spirit of our Anzacs by making it a lower form of Australia’s history ???


Again we must stand against another Gillard agenda and stand tall for what Australians actually are proud of in our history, Lest we Forget.


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Clive Hamilton – we must inform people of his danger before the next election

Clive Hamilton is Charles Sturt Professor of Public Ethics at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics. Until 2008 he was the Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Australia’s foremost progressive think tank. Hamilton is an Economist.

Hamilton complains: “The Right has jettisoned science in favour of deeper beliefs.”

But this same Hamilton preaches:

“So I think where we’re going is to begin to see a Gaian earth in its ecological, cybernetic way, infused with some notion of mind or soul or chi, which will transform our attitudes to it away from an instrumentalist one, towards an attitude of greater reverence.”

Again. Hamilton complains: “Climate change is the most important arena for the long-running culture war of the neo-conservatives. In pursuit of their goals they have tapped into primitive fears.”

But this same Hamilton preaches: “I cannot see any alternative to ramping up the fear factor.”

This week he showed what he meant, claiming if “climate deniers” won, then “hundreds of millions of mostly impoverished people … would die”.

This made these “deniers” – he named me – not just “more dangerous” than Holocaust deniers, but over time “more iniquitous” and “morally worse”.

If fact, he threatens a “suspension of democratic processes” to deal with such opposition.

Taken from

Hamilton is a Professor of Public Ethics the principles of Public Ethics as stated by

The Public Service Ethics Act are:

  • * integrity and impartiality
  • * promoting the public good
  • * commitment to the system of government
  • * accountability and transparency.

6 Integrity and impartiality

In recognition that public office involves a public trust, public service agencies, public sector entities and public officials seek to promote public confidence in the integrity of the public sector and

(a) are committed to the highest ethical standards; and

(b) accept and value their duty to provide advice which is objective, independent, apolitical and impartial; and

(c) show respect towards all persons, including employees, clients and the general public; and

(d) acknowledge the primacy of the public interest and undertake that any conflict of interest issue will be resolved or appropriately managed in favour of the public interest; and

(e) are committed to honest, fair and respectful engagement with the community.

He is willing to suspend democratic process to ensure the alarmists win???
He has started the talk calling us ‘deniers’ , more dangerous than ‘holocaust deniers’ and claiming 100,000’s of people will die if the ‘deniers’ win.

Of course Clive Hamilton is yet another ANU product that seems to be confused about the facts.

Even his book is aimed at changing the democratic process in Australia


‘Hamilton’s deconstruction of climate denial and its consequences is devastating. Listen to this Requiem and weep, if it helps. False hope is as dangerous as despair, Hamilton reminds us. But don’t get mired in helplessness. Above all, Requiem is a call to arms; to the urgent task of overhauling democracy in pursuit of survival. At stake, the biggest prize of all: our own humanity.’
Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity Without Growth

His book Silencing Dissent was well regarded in the left circuit and an interesting review was:

“The health of a democracy relies on many different things: limited government; strong civil society; the independence of autonomous institutions; the encouragement of dissident opinion, wide-ranging debate. All these values are presently under threat. The Howard Government has become more intolerant of criticism and greedy for control the longer it has been in power.

The evidence presented in this volume offers the most compelling case yet about the increasingly authoritarian trajectory of the political culture during the Howard years. In addition, it offers vital clues about why opposition to the government’s counter-revolutionary transformation of the country, in so many different spheres of public life, has thus far proven to be so weak.

For both these reasons Silencing Dissent is a timely, disturbing and unnerving book.”

Robert Manne, 5 November 2006

Of course SMH needs a mention as an advocate of his work, or at least was.

I am afraid what I see is the hypocrisy of his suspension of Democratic process argument, the complete disregard for Public Ethics from a man who held himself up as a expert on the subject.  I guess we must remember a thief is often a expert in security as they know the ways around it..
Last year he wrote a piece on

Bullying, lies and the rise of right-wing climate denial
I thought he had turned on his beloved comrades, but he actually tried to tell us these leftist tactics were from the right wing ‘deniers’.

This man is dangerous, as dangerous if not more so than Bob Brown, he is well educated and tries to confuse people with his intellect.  The trouble is he is actually a man with an avid imagination who like all politician try to turn the arguments on their opponents.  His problem is, there is a glimpse of red in his speech and he has been advocating for a number of years for the Democratic process to be destroyed.

This is not because, like many left-wingers, he doubts that parliament will respond to what working people actually need and want, but precisely because he does not trust ordinary working people to support the measures he deems necessary. Hamilton clearly is looking for the man on horseback who can save the environment, something that all genuine left-wingers distrust.

Hamilton is also proud of being the architect of the Rudd government’s plan to censor the internet.

Once again this is showing a deep distrust of ordinary people. By whipping up a moral panic about pornography available on the internet, and by denying people have the ability to make their own moral judgments and decisions about what they look at, he is obviously a true supporter of the NBN whose primary purpose would appear to be internet censorship. Hamilton rejects the self-responsibility that leftists normally demand for themselves and others, and instead insists that the government do that job for us.

He is once again trying for the Victorian seat of Higgins vacated by former Treasurer Peter Costello, and we must ensure this dangerous man does not go under the radar as to what his true values and ideas are.  And he is yet another economist who is claiming himself to be an expert when it comes to Climate Change.

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A response to Rob Oakeshott

Mr Oakeshott you really have lost all touch with reality if you believe “Rob Oakeshott says he won’t be the first MP to lose a seat for doing the right thing if he’s dumped at the next federal election.”

Read more:

You WILL lose your seat but because of your betrayal of the people of Lyne, and your lies in regard to why you support this Government.  Any MP with integrity would see the damage this Government is doing and rather than protecting your income till they are booted out, you would stand up for  the people.  However, loyalty is not something you will be known for.  Why not show a little honesty and just say, well I will get paid up to the next election, so you can all suffer, because that is what is happening under this regime.  No Rob Oakeshott your name will not go down as anything but a man that betrayed the voters of Lyne and the people of Australia.


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Such a huge double standard

In 1983 Senator Bob Brown led the blockade of the dam-works on Tasmania’s Franklin River. Over 1500 people were arrested and 600 jailed – including Bob who spent 19 days in Risdon Prison. 20 years on we have Bob Brown denigrating those that are standing up for their beliefs

THE Coalition has been accused of being “sexist” and “feral” as the Penny Wong “meow” incident boiled over in Question Time today. During a fiery Senate economics committee hearing this morning, Senator Wong clashed with Coalition senators and at one point, Liberal Senator David Bushby gave an audible “meow” in her direction and accused her of being sensitive.Senator Wong fired back:   “You meow when a woman does that … that’s a good idea. It is just extraordinary.

On protesting – Bob Brown, appears to have called for the demise of a foreign regime and indicated our support should extend beyond their right to protest…??? It would seem foreign regimes have more rights than the Australian people at the moment.

Greens Senator Bob Brown is supported and participated in the S11 protest at the World Economic Forum in Melbourne on 11 September 2000 This was the largest ever gathering of Greens MPs in Australia who came to Melbourne in support of the S11 protests at the World Economic Forum.

“My heart goes out to those who face death for standing up for rights that we in Australia take for granted. We should be very outspoken in supporting them, and our determined support should extend beyond simply supporting their right to protest.” was a quote from Bob Brown on 21February 2011

The campaign against Gunns’ $2.5 billion pulp mill is gaining momentum with up to 1,000 opponents protesting near the mill’s proposed site in northern Tasmania.

“The Greens and the people of Tasmania will never ever accept that mill, we’ll never ever accept that being imposed on the Tamar Valley, we will stand up, we will march against it, there will be no mill,” he said.

THE Gillard government has branded anti-carbon tax protesters extremists and climate change deniers as conservative activists converge on Canberra to enact Tony Abbott’s “people’s revolt”.

Organisers had said they had arranged the event so it would not disrupt the people of Canberra after the event was called a flop by Greens Senator Bob Brown.

The event was soon dubbed the “convoy of no consequence” by Labor MPs.

It was therefore deeply shocking to see a Twitter feed, dominated as it is by left-wingers, erupt into a foamy groupthink of hate, prompted by little more than a few farmers driving trucks.

As part of a campaign against a number of policies, a protest group called ‘The Convoy of No Confidence’ drove trucks to Canberra as a demonstration of their concerns. The idea was to have something dramatic so that the media would pay attention.

Gillard Government Minister Anthony Albanese dubbed the protest a “convoy of no consequence”.

And Greens leader Bob Brown said the convoy “hasn’t blockaded anything”.
“But it has got the moaners’ brigade in town to moan about everything in general and nothing in particular,” he added.
Protesters rallied on a grab bag of issues, with the carbon tax the forefront – and called for a fresh election.  But these Government heavies care little for REAL Australians, they will just continue to deride them.

Groups of all political persuasions do it: during the Howard years, the left burnt flags, effigies of Howard, and blockaded roads with marches, not to mention when they attacked Parliament House in 1996 causing $100,000s worth of damage and injuring a number of police and staff.

 When it’s a predominately right-wing protest, the left flare up in a chorus of ‘How dare you?’. A Twitter feed has been hijacked by ‘Dumb F***S on Trucks’, by ‘Convoy of No Clue’, by ‘Convoy of Incontinence’, and so on. These are the same people that considered signs of ‘Ditch the witch’ as offensive and the uproar was in the media and inside Parliament. This is the sign that would seem too offensive for these Left Carbon Tax advocates. They seem to have a double standard.  Up to now nobody’s been able to say why the activism is illegitimate.

There is a clear and not unreasonable concern that the current government is unsympathetic to the views of regional and rural Australians. When the cruelty to exported animals problem erupted, instead of attacking the MLA, the ALP punished farmers by banning exports to a not insignificant market. If the Government banned the import of coffee that wasn’t fair trade, shutting down nearly every inner city coffee shop and pumping up the cost of lattes, there would be an outcry. But because rural and regional Australians are given secondary consideration to populist reactions to inner city qualms, live exports were banned… … Then the ban was overturned… … And now nobody really knows the state of play.

These people from all over Australia were representing tens of thousands of their kind and yet after travelling so far, a large proportion of these were not allowed to get close to the peoples parliament. When I arrived at Parliament House there were a large number of police in attendance, Including a very Senior Officer standing well back. It seemed over the top, but was not a big issue to any one there. then we saw 8 motorcycle police head off and a little while later we were told by the convoy they were being stopped from arriving. It wasn’t until much later when I managed to talk to a couple of AFP officers I discovered the presence had been ramped up due to information that there was people in the group that were going to try and cause trouble. I asked about the trucks but they would not comment on why they couldn’t reach the area.

The reason the anti-Carbon Tax rhetoric is so persuasive is that we can supply evidence to back up our claims. The ALP is supposedly just dreadful at communicating with rural and regional Australia, the truth is they have not wanted to argue the science, as it is not a argument they can win. The ALP, rightly or wrongly, has responded to the inner city threat of the Greens, sacrificing its interest in regional votes. That’s why this Convoy exists. It’s a symptom of a broader political malaise upon which the LNP is capitalising on.

Instead of engaging in conversation, the left has shown a tribalism and factionalism. The concerns of the Convoy aren’t worth listening to, apparently, and so they should be mocked and belittled until they shut up.

The Convoy was yet another opportunity for the ALP to engage with the disaffected, The numbers that were there gave the PM an opportunity to talk with them, instead she ignored them as not worthy of her time. This Convoy is is more evidence for the ALP to see how it’s failing to win hearts and minds, as it steamrolls people with it’s NBN and Carbon Tax..

It appears it is easier to just consider them ‘Abbott’s cronies’ just –forever stuck in prehistoric views of the world. What a sad waste and woeful indictment of the attitude of this Government. They will not talk with any that oppose them, some of their MP’s have been extremely rude to people in their own electorate that have complained to them about some of this Government’s policies. This Government is not a Government of the people, it can’t talk with the people, refuses to listen to the people, and has failed to represent the majority of the electorate.

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Where will this lead? Say goodnight Julia

Wednesday 10 August 2011 (Hansard and papers)
As part of routine reviews of registered associations, Fair Trading identified that Coastal Voice failed to lodge its annual financial statements for at least the last three financial years. It failed to lodge statements in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Thus NSW Fair Trading commenced the process of cancelling the registration of Coastal Voice Community Group Incorporated. It is worth noting that this action could have been commenced in 2010, but the previous Government did not act. A formal notice was issued to the public officer on 2 August 2011 by post. My office was notified after Fair Trading had taken that course of action. The association has until 30 August to respond. If there is no response from the association, its registration may be cancelled forthwith.

The public officer of Coastal Voice, who was written to on 2 August, was Mr Craig Thomson, MHR, the Federal Labor member for Dobell. Fair Trading takes very seriously the responsibility of ensuring the continued integrity of associations in New South Wales. Members probably are aware, particularly from media reports today, that Coastal Voice is alleged to have been a front that was set up for the election of Mr Craig Thomson, who is now the Federal Labor member for Dobell. Coastal Voice had a website whose domain was registered to the national office of the Health Services Union—a union that was run by Mr Thomson.
The Daily Telegraph reports statements from Miss Criselee Stevens, who is “a former member of Federal Labor MP Craig Thomson’s inner circle.”   The report confirms that union money was used both to establish Coastal Voice and to fund glossy Coastal Voice brochures for Craig Thomson. 

At this stage no account of Coastal Voice moneys has been provided to Fair Trading, as required by the Act. That is both unacceptable and unlawful. and has occurred for the past 4 years since the 2007 election.  The people of New South Wales deserve to know that community groups and associations in their area are both real and responsible in their use of funds and in relation to their reporting responsibilities. Fair Trading is continuing to monitor associations to ensure that they comply with the rules and legislative requirements.
This Association is said to have been a front Mr Thomson had transferred Union funds to and was responsible for a mass glossy electoral advertisement under the name Coastal Voice for Mr Thomson prior to the 2007 election.  During this time Mr Thomson was a candidate for the seat of Dobell and was still the National; Secretary of the Health Services Union.  Of course the Association that Mr Thomson claimed to have nothing to do with failed to lodge financial returns for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and Mr Thomson is alleged to still be the Public Officer for the association.

He really has nowhere left to go False statement, failure to supply accounts for Coastal Voice in 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010.   A statement from an ex most trusted insider, alleging he did use union money was used both to establish Coastal Voice and to fund glossy Coastal Voice brochures for Craig Thomson.   And this time he will be taking Ms Jill Hall, MP with him, as she has lied a=on a stat dec  claiming he was not in a argument with a Salvation Army volunteer where he threatened to end her career.  Why do I keep getting visions of a Iguana, hmmmm.

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‘ CraigsList’ Thomson

In 2002 Mr Thomson, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree,  was elected to National Secretary of Health Services Union and this was rebranded to be the United Federation Union, it was around this time he is alleged to have used his Credit Card to pay for prostitutes.

THE federal Labor MP and former union boss Craig Thomson faced allegations at that time, that his union credit cards were used to pay for escort services and to withdraw more than $100,000 in cash, as well as to bankroll his election campaign for the central coast seat of Dobell.

Documents provided to the Herald showed that United Federation Union officials concluded last year that union credit cards issued to Mr Thomson – and other financial resources – were used for election campaign spending. 

These had not been disclosed under electoral law.

Mr Thomson, 44, was the union’s national secretary from 2002 to 2007 and is chairman of the House of Representatives economics committee.

Read more:

In April 2009 in was reported that Thomson’s Health Services Union credit card had been misused for election campaign spending and inappropriate use of union funds. In 2010 Thomson was reported to be suing the union executive for damages. It is further reported that he is also suing Fairfax Media for publishing the allegations. Thomson denied the allegations.

Mr Thomson gave a Central Coast Salvation Army worker a verbal “bollocking” after a fiery poker machine rally at the Mingara Recreation Club, in which he allegedly threatened to name and shame her in parliament.  His tirade was so vehement and he stood intimidatingly close to this woman, in fact so close he was spitting into her face as he raged on.  This is supposed to be a MP, however he proves he is much more of a Union thug than a advocate for the people.

He is also being accused of lying to Fair Work Australia – an allegation that could ultimately end with him being forced out of parliament.

Apparently Legal documents that have obtained by 7 News allegedly reveal Mr Thomson, the member for the NSW central coast seat of Dobell, is now being investigated for allegedly misleading Fair Work Australia.

“I think Craig Thomson has been incredibly stupid for a long time now,” political commentator, and long time ALP member Graham Richardson said.  Senior government sources have confirmed that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been informed of the development and she is still standing by Mr Thomson.

When it was discovered that Mr Thomson’s debt had left him with little choice than to declare bankruptcy the ALP paid over $90,000 to him, to stop this occurring and to keep PM Gillard in office.

“I will happily repeat that today I have full confidence in the member for Dobell,” Julia Gillard said.  This just proves this PM is more interested in retaining power than she is concerned with weeding the undesirables out of politics and especially Government.

It must be remembered John Howard kicked out at least 5 of his MP’s for rorts during his term in office, He knew that integrity was a higher force than just holding Government.

And although this view may be considered unpopular, I have to admonish Tony Abbott for his failure to make a stand in Parliament.

Had he stated if a Liberal Party MP was guilty of this he would immediately dismiss them.  It could have been a short and very powerful statement, in which he would have had the moral high ground on this issue.  Instead he refused to make comment which left the upper hand actually with Gillard for at least she had taken a position over this.

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Carbon Credit Fraud in Europe

The European Union (EU) Emission Trading System (ETS) has been the victim of fraudulent traders in the past 18 months. This resulted in losses of approximately 5 billion euros for several national tax revenues. It is estimated that in some countries, up to 90% of the whole market volume was caused by fraudulent activities.

Indications of suspicious trading activities were noted in late 2008, when several market platforms saw an unprecedented increase in the trade volume of European Unit Allowances (EUAs). Market volume peaked in May 2009, with several hundred million EUAs traded in e.g. in France and Denmark. At that time the market price of 1 EUA, which equals 1 ton of carbon dioxide, was around EUR 12,5.

As an immediate measure to prevent further losses France, the Netherlands, the UK and most recently Spain, have all changed their taxation rules on these transactions. After these measures were taken, the market volume in the aforementioned countries dropped by up to 90 %

With the support of Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom Europol has set up a specific project to collect and analyse information in order to identify and disrupt the organised criminal structures behind these fraud schemes. There are reasons to believe that fraudsters might soon migrate towards the gas and electricity branches of the energy sector.

Mr. Wainwright, Director of Europol, says “These criminal activities endanger the credibility of the European Union Emission Trading System and lead to the loss of significant tax revenue for governments. Europol is using its expertise and information capabilities to help target the organised crime groups involved”. Europol has therefore offered its support to the European Commission – DG Environment to safeguard the integrity of the Community Independent Transaction Log.”


Background information

Missing trader intra-community fraud (MTIC) is the theft of Value Added Tax (VAT) from a government by organised crime groups who exploit the way VAT is treated within the member states of the EU.

The EU has the objective of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, to reduce climate change and meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. Each MS has granted its emitting facilities a certain amount of emission rights by means of a National Allocation Plan. These emission rights can be traded like any other commodity on the market. The transfer of greenhouse gas emission allowances is a taxable supply of services.

In Europe there are 6 trading platforms: European Climate Exchange (London, UK), Nordic Power Exchange (Oslo, Norway), European Energy Exchange (Leipzig, Germany), Energy Exchange Austria (Graz, Austria), Climex (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and BlueNext (Paris, France) and various other market platforms such as SENDECO2, Italian Power Exchange GME and most recently Greenmarket, set up by Deutsche Bank at the Munich exchange. More than 2 billion EUAs have been allocated to 12.000 emitting facilities in the 27 MS. The EU carbon market is estimated to be worth about €90 billion a year!

The Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) was created as a cap-and-trade system for transactions of European Unit Allowances. Each transfer of EUAs is recorded in a national registry before it is centrally stored in the Community Independent Transaction Log (CITL) at the EU Commission.

Carbon credit fraud is a variation on the VAT carousel fraud. The graphic below shows how carbon credit carousel fraud works.


And now they are looking forward to the Australian Carbon Tax, in order to increase their fraudulent behaviour.  I am sure The Gillard Regime has prepared a nice coloured brochure explaining how they can increase their actions.!!

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Environmentally concerned or just plain Wealth Redistribution?

The Government is not interested in whether Climate Change is man-made or not, their only real intention is wealth redistribution through unjust taxing of middle and higher income earners. What they get off the now 400 businesses is just a bonus.

Australia’s population in 2009 was 21,874,900. There were 12,500,000 registered personal Income Tax earners in 2008/2009.  1,107,000 of the registered taxpayers who earned $80,000+ a year so would be liable for the full Carbon Tax with no compensation. They already paid $86,698,150,000 in taxation for this year.

This left 11,193,000 registered taxpayers who earned less than $80,000 and therefore will be given some compensation for the Carbon Tax. They paid $90,236,850,000 in tax for this year. and yet 1 Million Taxpayers will be paying compensation to 11 million lower income taxpayers.  No matter how you think, this is just wealth redistribution
These figures were collated from data available through ATO for the 2009 year.

We have on top of this the 1000 -500 –400 Top polluters in this country being taxed to the eyeball for producing Australian made products or Australian controlled services.

This has to be considered ridiculous in anyone’s language, especially when the Government continually emphasise the tax is aimed at the biggest polluters in the country, well personally,  I don’t even smoke, but I guess I am still guilty of breathing as I won’t be getting compensation.

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